Fuel profiteering: £1.99 per litre

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Blogg, Jun 16, 2008.

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  1. A Devon petrol station is charging drivers more than £9 a gallon for petrol and diesel as drivers clamour for fuel.

    The Foxhayes station at Exwick near Exeter has put all grades of petrol and diesel up to £1.99 a litre.

    The manager said the move was to conserve stocks and said he was not being mean.


    I sense an Outrage thread forming.

    With any luck down in Devon the pitchforks and rope might already be out.
  2. I hope the locals boycott them, and never return. If no one buys the petrol @ £1.99 a litre they will not profit from it.

    But those on expense accounts or idiot's who panic will still do so no mater what the price.
  3. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Any fool who pays 1.99 a litre deserves to be parted from their cash, they could go down the road and buy it at its real price.
  4. They just featured the station on the ITV News; the station has put its price back down to what now passes for normal.
  5. Who remembers the scheeming hoteliers who doubled their prices in London the night of the July 7 bombings?

    It's sheer greed and a disgusting way to treat motorists. I also hope that motorists go elsewhere for their fuel in future and this guy goes bankrupt.
  6. Your picking on the wrong guys.
    OPEC have said that there is no shortage of oil, problem is , its stored by speculators, the same type of people that have brought the morgage market to its knees and whilst it continues to go up in value they will hang on to it.
    The current situation is with Tanker drivers who think they are worth £39k a year. if that is true why are RLC drivers in Afg not on £100k'
    Or are their demands based on the cost of Pies......
  7. Bob, £1.99 a litre is not a nationwide price hike, just one overly greedy yokel cnut who wants to retire early.

  8. Well if Tesco drivers are on about 35k a year and Tesco made 2.8Bn last year. The oil companies make a lot more - just like Gas etc. They always seem to give their bosses a humungus bonus, but ignore the employees.

    RLC drivers are in the army!! Do things cheaply - if civvy rates of pay applied to all equivalent jobs the army would have to be cut further.
  9. He's doing an outstanding job of it then. I predict the greedy fucker will be out of the garage business before the year's out.
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    As I understand things, the true price of a litre of petrol (the world over) is something like 35-45 pence. It doesn't matter whether you are buying it in The Philippines, the U.S. or the UK. Any major deviation from that pump price is down to national taxes.

    The oil companies themselves make approximately 10% profit on their GLOBAL business (ie: Shell, BP et al), and it only looks like they are making stacks of money by virtue of the huge size of these companies.

    You have to remember that Shell, BP and others sell petrol at the pumps in many, many countries, including the UK, European countries AND the US. That 2.8 billion profit is not made in the UK - only a small percentage of that amount is made in the UK.

    Nor is the bulk of the price hike that makes the price at the petrol pump in the UK just the Gobment fuel duty + VAT. The government in this country charges the oil companies that get oil out of the North Sea further punitive cash-cow taxes that no other oil companies operating out of other oil fields around the world have to pay - think of it in terms of the fact that North Sea oil is considered to be a state resource, for which North Sea companies have to pay a 'licence fee' to the government in order to withdraw and sell that oil.

    On top of this, they have to find corporation tax, and employer's tax contributions for all their staff.

    It is this that REALLY boosts the price we mugs in the UK pay for petrol - NOT the oil companies to a large extent.

    So, the oil companies operating in the North Sea (and the rest of the world) are making 10% profits on their oil, and the government of the UK is making a further 250% to 300% - WAY more than the oil companies themselves, and to top it all off, this government doesn't have to lift a finger to take that money.

    Now, some of the items I sell in my store are marked up by only 10% from trade cost, but a further 17.5% after that for the V.A.T. component. So, in effect, I go to work in the morning, spend all day working, and my cheapest goods are marked up by 30% only, of which, the government takes the lion's share - WITHOUT LIFTING A FINGER! They don't open my store in the morning, they don't unpack my deliveries, they don't manage my staff, and they don't do the accounts - they simply take 17.5% of my money. If I sell a £1000.00 rifle at say, 10% mark-up, I'll make £100, and ill have to work to get that. The government then takes £175.00 without a by-your-leave. As bad as that is, the oil companies see the price of their product increased in British forecourts by something up to 300%, and THEY get blamed by us for being rip-off merchants!

    Now, here is something that I believe is also a problem in terms of the price of a barrel of oil, rather than a litre of petrol. Yes, the speculators do their bit to hike up the price of a barrel of oil, but on top of this, one of the main factors that drives the price of a barrel of oil is not so much supply and demand, but the cartel system itself. There is at this time plenty of oil to go around, even with China and India being ever-growing consumers of this resource. The biggest 'fix' if you like is that the price of a barrel of oil is set by the cost of bringing to the surface the most expensive barrel.

    How it works is this: It might COST $5.00 per barrel to bring it to the surface and refine it in say, Saudi Arabia, but in Alaska or The Falklands, it might cost $100.00 per barrel. The price of a barrel on the global markets is set at $100 per barrel on THIS basis, not on the overall or average supply price of crude oil.
  11. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Tanker drivers think they´re worth 39K a year?.Sack then and employ Polish ones for less.

    BBC reporting inflation may hit 3%.IMHO in the real world it´s higher than that,mainly due to fuel price hikes.

    As for the greedy yokel charging 1.99/litre,boycott that garage permantly.

    Rant over.
  12. If people read the story properly they would have discovered he was charging £1.99 a litre to stop panic buying but was giving his customers a chit for the additional fuel costs to offset their next MOT.
  13. and where was that chit valid for?
  14. I can black cat that story. A garage in Bridgwater was charging £2.20 a litre for unleaded yesterday! I hope the locals remember that when fuel is more available again.
  15. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Why, HIS garage of course!