Fuel Prices

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by HVM_Boy, May 21, 2008.

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  1. So how's everybody coping with the increasing fuel prices? Unleaded is around £1.15 a litre where I live, and is due to keep going up. Oil prices his $130 a barrel today - yet another record.

    find the cheapest petrol in your area: http://www.petrolprices.com/

    I'm not in too bad a situation, 6000 miles per year. But as fuel prices go up, undoubtedly the cost of everything else will go up. How long before this is officially a crisis and the government has to put in precautions like in 1974 <linky>

    And i doubt the Governmnet will do anything to improve thing for the ordinary bloke on the street. Can MPs claim petrol as an expense?

    I think Panic time is now....

  2. I don't think panic is what people are contemplating.
  3. Well, the easest way to lower/cut fuel prices is the goverment to lower the fuel duty. Fuel is taxed twice by the tresuary, fuel duty & VAT. How can you tax the same product twice for fecks sake!

    Approx' 80% of the cost of the fuel is fuel duty, 17.5% is VAT the theres the oil companies profit and garage mark up. Its the money robbing goverment and Gordon who in his bugdets puts the fuel up.

  4. MOst of the price is duty and tax. The Government are crippling the economy with massive levels of taxation to pay for foreigners, chavs and MP's expenses.
  5. No, it isn't.
    I'm hugely fooked off, my employer is dropping some customers as they are no longer economic to deliver too, that means drivers will be loosing work.
    Its the same in every sector of the country, the halfwit in Downing Street can't see it though.
    Oil prices are not responsibel, Gordon Fooking Brown is responsible, take 30 pence a litre of fuel duty and allow the public and industry to breathe and make some money. Its really very simple, people have no more money to spend because Brown has had his sticky fingers on it.
    No money to spend means an economic crash, but Brown can go on deluding himself that its the global credit criunch and the price of oil to blame. He's not the one who is skint because of it is he?
  6. To the Barricades!!
  7. Are the opposition offering to cut fuel duty, or stop charging VAT? Was it in their manfesto last time, or the time before.

    Do You honestly think that a military junta running Britain would do so?

  8. Why don't you just **** off to whatever Utopia you think your politician friends are trying to create for us Sven.
    You live in your cosy little world where everything is wonderful and the population is content to act like the sheep you think they are.
    Nobody believes anyone of your beloved politicians has anything but their own interests at heart. Where in this thread did anybody say the Tories were going to cut fuel duty?
    I presume you think the obscene taxation levels we are being forced to endure are acceptable do you?
    Of course you do, they've paid your benefits for long enough haven't they?

    If you have nothing to contribute to the discussion then kindly stay out of it.
  9. Now the ragheads are imorting coal, and paying the equivalent of $25 a barrel. maybe the people supplying the coal should up the price like the rags do with oil and charge them $130. see how soon oil comes down then.
  10. If the price is high enough to think about how much you are spending by filling your fuel tank, then the tax is doing its job.

    Taxation is not only a means of raising revenue for "skools 'n' hospitals", but also to affect behaviour, in this case lowering emmisions and getting people to use more environmentaly acceptable forms of transport.

    However, the downside is, the revenue raised from petrol duty is not ringfenced for public transport needs, but wated on the latest fad.

  11. So we have 21 fcukwit cabinet members run by an unelected PM changing a whole countrys behaviour. I'll bet they dont mention that in thier manifesto.

    Is it reducing emmisions?

    Is it getting people to use more environmentaly forms of transport?

    If there is conclusive independant proof of the above questions then it will go in someway to pacify the public.

    The fact is there is no evidence to suggest this and fuel is a very easy option to raise revenue for, as you say, the latest fad. This shower of shite of a govn dont do U turns so dont expect a leveling out or even a reduction in fuel prices...regardless of what the cost of a barrel is.
  12. The other downside is that no viable public transport services exist particularly for some types of job . I get 11p per mile for business travel which is not covering my mileage costs. The price of diesel here is 130ppl. Some of my lads are now refusing to go on long journeys to sites as they are not covering their costs. It can only get worse before it gets better IMHO :cry:
  13. This may be partly true but I dont agree that taxing people back to the neolithic period is the answer. This policy can only work, as you suggest, with an alternative, which is limited at the moment, and almost as expensive.
    I often wonder how much CO2 Fat Gordon's armoured Jag puts out, and how much he pays for the fuel....
  14. Sven, most of us appreciate that you dont have to worry about inflation, cost of living etc being one of those sponging benefit mongs the Labour Part love so much...

    However, most of us who work to support people like you have a real issue with the way this Govt is ignoring the basics such as increased inflation, rising costs in food and fuel etc.

    This Govt is not going to announce any form of tax cut as its too much in the red, with borrowing likely to reach record levels. And as for the idea that this taxation is an effort to get motorists on to public transport... please :roll:
  15. Tonto you reallyare a ********* when it comes to the info youre getting. The arabs dont set the price of oil, thats determined by the markets. As for coal, thats merely a idea bing floated at the moment but a long way from reality.