Fuel Prices - whens the MOD going to Pay Fair on RPOD?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Jip Travolta, May 22, 2008.

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  1. RPOD, Res to Pod, ResPod, MMA, GYHD whatever - It's been over £1 for months now and you know it won't go back down. So how's about paying fair?
  2. Respod is much higher than Home to Duty.

    They won't change it, it been at that rate for years. Simple answer from the cnuts is that if your living in your own home then it's your choice. I had to live with that pig ignorrant attitude for years. The fact that living in your own home saves the MoD thousands of pounds every year is neither here nor there. Glad that I'm now a big fat civvy.
  3. Never, in fact as fuel prices have risen MMA has fallen. The official answer I received was that motoring costs had fallen!
  4. Utter toss of course.

    Oh well, if they're not gonna budge I'm gonna have to drive to work 'economically' (slow) from now on. That means I'll be late in on occasion - sorry about that.
  5. You can't do that. You will just be told to get up earlier :wink:
  6. Not a chance.
  7. I've got the same problem.

    Apparently, you are not allowed to drink and drive, even the morning after.

    I just say that I have to wait to sober up :wink:

  8. Perhaps you could just drive the "Shortest" route (in miles) that they usually pay you for, even if it takes 2 hours longer! :D
  9. Stick a knackered old caravan next to the livers in block and plug into their mains power, you can sleep in it twice a week and save on fuel. Only problem is that you'll probably spend your 'saving' on getting pished!
  10. The simple answer to MMA is ask for a hire car and a fuel card!
  11. Under RILOR I was getting around £60 a month, then they introduced this HDT contribution wotsit, and now I get the difference of £128 allowance and £83 'personal contribution', so in other words they have found yet another way of clawing back the pennies from somewhere and pouring them into somewhere else... "Heard It All Before" you speak so true in the second post of this thread - the party line, "Living in your own home is your choice etc", and I agree, it saves them thousands. I think maybe I should have hundreds of kids and live in some geet big quarter (with a woman I barely know, but hey - the Army sees a civil partnership as far more significant in qualifying for a qtr than being engaged to the woman I love for 4 years) I have looked everywhere for evidence that something is being done regarding the increase to allowance in line with rising fuel costs, but sadly I have hit brick walls everywhere. Interestingly enough though, the media seem to be hell-bent at present trying to increase the pressure to ministers wrt payouts and allowances for 'Our Boys' or whatever it is they refer to us as these days.

    Sorry... typing this thread has helped me to develop a repetitive strain injury (dammit!) I wonder if they'll give me £400K in compensation...?
  12. You won't get it for commuting though...
  13. Easy,

    Just stand for election and become an MP. Claim issues solved in one fell swoop!

  14. It costs me £5.30 to go over the Severn Bridge as it is. Bugger.
  15. Borrow great aunt doris's blue badge-they get across free (like the rest of us have a walking option)