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Fuel prices in US fall quicker than in Europe-Why?

That and as the spokesman for the petrol companies said.

In Europe, esp Britain, we do have cheaper fuel. It´s just the tax on it makes it obscenely expensive.
Does that mean as the price of oil falls,the rate of tax rises.
$2.55 USD per gallon in Milwaukee. :wink: That's the lowest it has been here in many a moon. Still can't afford to drive though even with a crappy Jap car. :roll: I pity you lot in the UK with your higher gas taxes. Just because the price of a barrel of oil has taken a tumble doesn't mean that Nu Labour will give you a break. :evil:
Because oil is priced in US$, and the £ is falling rapidly against US$, so we do not get the full benefit of the $ price fall. That plus the oil majors and the government are greedy barstewards.