Fuel prices - E-petition the PM

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by STILTS, May 21, 2008.

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  1. Before anyone harps on about there is already a thread on fuel prices, I went on to the PM's e-petition site. And found an on going e- petition with approx 20,000 votes on it.

    So knowing how good the power of ARRSE is lets bump this figure up and give good old Gordo/Darling a kick in the b0llocks

    please click the link below:


    When you have voted past it round everyone on your email list.

  2. Not that I believe Brown goves a shit but I have signed anyway
  3. You wouldnt be able to prise a penny out of his dead, cold hand.

    He needs everything he can get to keep people voting labour.
  4. i'm sure it won't work, but signed anyway.
  5. The price of a litre in Tesco went up 3 pence in a day! Got to start running to work again I reckon.
  6. Signed. Hope the berk can rad Engerlish
  7. I agree that the shite will ignore it, but signed anyway - can't hurt.
  8. Vote them out.

    I ride a bicycle everywhere these days so fuel prices do not bother me. When you build up your miles you can go anywhere and have a few drinks.
  9. Petition is now at 20,881, yes and a blatant bump of my thread!

  10. 22,540 now
  11. Signed with a degree of cynicism.
  12. signed, they wont listen to us tax payers but signed!
  13. So what are the prices atm in GB? [I guess in Estonia they are one of the lowest (still - for us - not low)].
  14. As the Fcukwit has got UK in the red to the tune of Billions there is no way he will reduce petrol duty, it's just too much of a money earner. For him to reduce duty on fuel he would need to borrow more or increase tax on something else.
    The only thing we can do is get him voted out, not that any other party will reduce the duty.
  15. It's now up to 23,589