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Discussion in 'RLC' started by SCraven, Jun 14, 2012.

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  1. Sup lads, getting my app going for the RLC fuel operator role and was just hoping if there was someone who is currently or used to serve in that position ^^ or any advice or extra info would be great aswell, cheers.
  2. Do you mean Pet Op?
  3. I used to be a Pet Op which i think you are alluding to. Full of piss taking back stabbers. I wouldnt bother. I transferred to the Driver trade its a lot better. But if i was you join the RE, better trade choices and they tell the RLC what to do anyway.
    As a Pet Op you get to deploy on tours etc but i found out that a lot of the Units just sat on their arses in Bastion, sunning themselves. At least as a Driver you get out and about. I made the choice early to go over to Driver so im probably out of date ref Pet Op'ping but someone else may come along and tell you about it. The Class 3 cse is an attendance course so dont worry about that. Just dont mention Tours or Fit to Fight!!
  4. Pet Op is brilliant, you get all the driving quals you could ever want, work with only the finest colleagues and taught by the best instructors, you get to visit lots of sunny places with loads of good postings and get to shag loads of pretty young things. Drivers treat you like god because you are, it defiantly a trade that's going places!
  5. dont know if thats a bit of sarcasm by bumjuice but oh well =D yeah i like the sound of the role as i heard you learn some firefighting techniques aswell as gettin hazard material stuff and all the driving licences, looking to do about 4 years to hopefully give me good experience and a better chance to get in the local fire brigade
  6. Ok, i have to come clean as now you have posted that i cant let you go on......Iam a Fuel Op, or more correctly titled Stinking Pet Op. Im not a Driver although many in the trade, and in fact Drivers, think i should be but thats another story!
    Its a good job, ruined by the way the Army is becoming which is entirely out of our hands as a trade but we maybe able to make life easier for us in the future depending how shouty the Officers are. It wont matter to me as when i get back off Ops in Oct im 8 months away from leaving the Army.
    So back to you treacle, yes you will get a HAZMAT licence out of it, but Christs sake dont join the trade because of that as why do you need a HAZMAT licence.....to DRIVE! It will only last 5yrs so going by your career path you have planned out, it will nearly be out-of-date. Fire fighting techniques......yes, you do some fire putting out stuff on the Class 3 course which is run by Dorset Fire Service using lots of firey flames and heat. But after that, once in the Unit the only fire you will put out will be no bigger than a waste paper bin in your room. Unless of course someone sets fire to the top floor of your block in Germany and they get away with it, but again thats an even bigger story!
    If you seriously want to go and be a Fire Fighter type person, join the RAF, drive around in thier big sandy colourse crash tenders, put the blue flashy light on around 1230hrs and play volleyball a lot. You will get treated like an adult and enjoy your 4yrs.
    Actually i tell i lie, you can use fire fighting kit a lot more in the trade now, only yesterday i was using out fire fighting pumps to wash down 42 wooden pallets to go on a aircraft, so there you have it!