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does anyone know why we cant increase our monthly payments to incorporate a large debit just before Christmas apart from sitting in the dark I have just had a large debit but can only pay in one lump sum. If I wish to query it I am told "you will pay for the engineer to check the meter when they find out it is ok"
If they let us pay an extra £10 or so each month it wouldn't be such a shock but to take a large lump at once seems to be the only option in this "caring" army it's better to make a problem than try to help....or is that just me even if they changed the readings to after Christmas I mean it's a big enough cost as it is :-/
know exactly where you are coming from. call in the engineer, nothing wrong, extra money to pay for his bill as well.
call their bluff, refuse to pay anything and threaten all sorts of legal shit if they deduct direct. worked for me...so far.


I agree. Why dont we in MSQs seem to have the same rights as other tenants in civvy houses?? Truth is we do. Just that the MOD arent as keen to advertise them. Can you imagine telling the tennant in your house in UK that he is responsible for the dodgy leccy bills in YOUR house and if he thinks they are high then he also has the priviledge of paying for the guy to come and tell you there is a fault. Remember when the Army used to tell people if you are preggy you have to leave the Army? If you are not hetreosexual you have to leave the Army? Well they changed things for the minorities so why not for the rent paying public.
Did you also know, and I love the lightheartedness of this site so apologise for getting serious!, but the Army cannot bill you willy nilly for damages when you hand over your quarter. They have to show that any damage was caused WILLFULLY. So, if your 2 year old spills blackcurrant on the carpet, the Army cannot BILL YOU. I can quote some mil references if required.

"PROVOST SERGEANT" - Remove the Soapbox and warn the Adjt that Im on my way back!!!


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They can't bill you for the carpet anyway....  Check the regs if you don't believe me!


Thats what I was saying. They cannot bill any damage unless they can show it was malicious or willfull.
Just stop paying your bills invoke squatters rights and get some ‘hexy’ block from Q.

Invite anybody who might be related to you or even just looks like you to move into the MSQ. Then start to hand out bits of lucky heather or hang around with a rag and bucket and wash the COs car windows when his driver turns up to take him to work.

The government will soon give you a small fortune and house you rent-free in absolute splendour. That is unless you actually pay TAX and put something into the economy.
I wouldn't take a room in the mess if it DIDN'T have a stained carpet....and a fuc*ed door...broken window etc....  By the way, I'm having a dinner party in my mess bedsit next Friday but I'll have to restrict the numbers to 4 maximum... Two of us will have to share a chair and any females will obviously have to leave by 11...oh, and  there won't be any alcohol...  Sound good?  Right where is that paper, I'm moving down town!  
Right on brother singlie. Does anyone in this chat realise that only 3% of single accom is up to spec. Not including the officers mess in worthy down obviously which was built in the face of the squallor that the other ranks down there have to squat in. 8)
Too right mate!  And when I do move down town... obviously after asking permission from my dad, the CO, I will not receive more LOA, any RESPOD and will not have most of my rent paid for out of the public purse....  I wouldn't have to pay food/accom charges but that doesn't cover food for the month, let alone anything else.....  Come on pads... argue with me!  I'm bitter as hell!  :)


take a deep breath stained and count to ten I actually agree the singlies are treated like children what whith the room inspections and a single soldier at the age of 30 is not allowed to have his girlfriend stay with him and we pads can have orgy's if we want (I should be so lucky)


Back to the subj of billing people for damage that goes for any thing - accom, kit etc gone are the days when a unit or part thereof can be billed for collective damage.

Article appeared in ATN or BAR or some other propagander publication - possible the first usefull inclusion in said pub.

As I am moving very shortly I cannot wait for the Est Mgr to be told by my good self to prove it was me that done the damage.

The fact that you have to leave the house to go to work and cannot monitor the situation removes all responsibilty from you

I am even considering putting my front window thru on the day Just to wind the dick up


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Hey, RTG, please enlighten me a bit, i didn't get a chance to read the latest copy of Propoganda News!



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