Fuel Fill Up Question

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mikal, Aug 11, 2012.

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  1. Replaced the car several weeks ago for a diesel one. Overall very happy with the thing.

    But. I really struggle to fill the thing. The nozzle doesn't seem to fit the mouth of the tank which results in a lot of time trying to fill it due to the dispensing cutting off all the time.

    The car is a diesel. I've had a diesel before and not had this problem.

    At the various service stations I have used the diesel dispensers are of a greater diameter to the petrol dispensers which seems crazy.

    Does anyone else have this problem or have I hit a bunch of service stations with the dispensers fitted for the wrong fuel?
  2. Is it a Ford?
  3. I get this all the time, I have a 91 nissan patrol (petrol/lpg) that I picked up 2nd hand.
    Have to take it very slow refueling with petrol (half squeeze say) or the nozzle constantly cuts out. Happens at every servo i take it to. Sometimes turning the nozzle around a bit seems to help.
    Also (and probably unrelated) it appears that when the previous owner fitted the lpg they had to 'downsize' the petrol tank, so that even when brimming it only indicates half full on the clock.
    Not had the fuel filling problem on any vehicle prior to this.
  4. Not a Ford
  5. Borrowed Mrs EDM's cousin's car a few times when in Croatia, that's a petrol Peugeot 106. I have found that the nozzle fits the gap OK, but I think that stupid shape of the pipe that leads to the tank causes the nozzle to pump the petrol against the back of the pipe and then cuts the pump off thinking it's full.

    Could it be that, rather than the nozzle mouth itself?
  6. Sounds likely, in my case anyhow.
  7. I asked the question yesterday. The dealership is doubtful but are looking into it.

    It's really annoying. It took nearly 10 minutes to put 8.5 gallons in.
  8. Happens on a lot of cars, depending which type of pump is used on the forecourt. With my wife's old Micra, I have to have the nozzle half-out and turned about 60o from vertical in order to be able to get a normal full speed tank fill.
  9. The cutting off is due to the diesel foaming. The foam backs up and tricks the nozzle into thinking that the tank is full. It can do this at a bend in the pipe, not just when the fuel gets into the tank proper. You can try rotating the nozzle to squirt the fuel past the bend, but you're probably better off easing back on the trigger. The rate of fuel delivery at the pump is probably as much to blame as the shape of the inlet pipe.

    As regards the nozzle not fitting the filler pipe, I've come across this when I've sneaked into the HGV pumps. It's a bigger nozzle, not designed for a car. If the garage has a large black taxi clientele, I think they may also have a larger nozzle to reduce fill-up time but, again, it's on the big side for a car.
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  10. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Similar experience here, albeit some years ago … and I can't remember which vehicle it was.
    Eventually resolved by a bit of fiddling with the position of the nozzle, which then risked the cut-off not working! (Ohhhh, Matron)
  11. Same with my car: turn nozzle 90 degrees to 9 o'clock position and no problem at all. Otherwise a complete bastard to fuel.
  12. I used to have problems like this, but I found that I wasn't pushing the nozzle far enough in.

  13. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    In my case it was definitely "don't stick it all the way in". :-D
  14. It must be age. Not being able to slide it in with ease anymore. I used to slide it in without any resistance....

    And there's always the risk of the angry dolphin (totally ot).
  15. Becky Adlington works at your local garage?