Fuel duty to rise from midnight

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by STILTS, Aug 31, 2009.

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  1. A two pence rise in fuel duty will come into effect from midnight, the third increase in nine months.

    Stephen Glaister, director of road users pressure group RAC Foundation, told the BBC the government's latest rise "will hit everybody hard".

    More here

    Fvcknuts & co stiching us up with stealth taxes from the last budget!

  2. Just bask in the warm glory knowing that our extra suffering at the fuel pumps will pay for a house for another single mother who has had more cocks in her than a porn star.
  3. FFS not again.... :(

    if this keeps up i wont be able to drive about at three in the morning killing hookers with a claw hammer. :)
  4. Another financial masterstroke by our one eyed leader. Put up the price of fuel (and therefore everything else) during a recession.

    Genius 8O
  5. You could cycle. Greener, cheaper but less menacing. Get one of those tandems, the prozzie will think it is kinky, then you cycle off some where quiet and do the deed, so to speak.

    Get some panniers for the tools of your craft, also it is easier to dunk in some domestos and lemon juice to remove "forensic residue".
  6. Basteds! Still, on the bright side, it makes it a little more expensive to make petrol bombs.
  7. Hey, she is a liarbour voter you know, besides don't you mean "The extra duty is needed to help fund public investment.
  8. Now that I have a gun to my head...ow! I say of my own free will that this is a brilliant idea that will stimulate the economy and allow the less fortunate to get more free money to pay for their special brew and have more time to go out and victimise the rest of society who have to pay their own way.... *BANG*

  9. Economic madness, reduces disposable income (Already stretched), increases prices, meaning less consumer spending, meaning more unemployment as companies go to the wall, meaning less tax income and more tax outgoings.

    But does anyone see the tories reducing fuel duty?

    ps. Is VAT on fuel duty illegal btw? I thought a tax on a tax was illegal?
  10. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Given that, technically, consumers don't pay excise duty on fuels, there is no double taxation. So to answer your question TCM, VAT on purchases of road fuels is perfectly legal.
  11. Look out Vamp the Fingermen have just pulled up outside your house....

    oh, bugger.

    I wouldn't mind if this bunch of brain donors, we call a government spent the money raised on such outlandish ideas as greener and more efficient public transport and services.

    By efficient I mean improved access and more often, not "we'll keep the revenue makers and shut the rest down".

    Likewise it would be nice to hear the clippety clop of horses drawing bin carts, milk and shop deliveries to peoples homes. Whilst electric trams glide around the cities, and pink bear suited scum scrub walls and prise chewing gum from the roads....

    ahh... Utopia.
  12. Another squeeze on the whole country then.
    Fuel has already sneaked up 2 pence a lire in the last few weeks so Mr Brown helps that up another 2 pence.

    Clueless fooking moron. Anyone with half a brain should be able to figure out tha the whole country needs every penny they can get without being mugged by the taxman more
  13. Perhaps if we stopped throwing money at other foreign nations and concentrated on ourselves too we would pull ourselves out of this bloody recession, stop forcing green technology upon the entire nation (which is outrageously expensive) during a recession, stop pissing money up against the wall with pointless quangos and massive local council wastage along with the curent government wastage.

    Crap, that black car has pulled up outside again.
  14. I get sick fed up of ********* going on about single mothers as if they are the sole reason this country is so shit. Yeah, there may be some who spread them for the benefits, but many are single mums through no fault of their own.

    My wife was a single mum when I met her - only because she'd left the guy who was beating the shit out of her every second night. A lot of single mums are the result of piece-of-shit cowards who take out their inadequacies on their wives.

    I dare say there's quite a few single mums as a direct result of the wars in Afghanistan & Iraq.

    That's a pretty big brush you're waving about to tar people with.
  15. If petrol was sat at £1.05 per litre the breakdown is as follows:

    True Fuel Cost 40.95p

    Fuel Tax Cost 50.35p

    VAT Cost 13.70p

    Total Tax Cost 64.05p

    Total Tax Rate 156.38%

    At this price a household bringing in £30000 per annum with 1 car averaging 12K per year at 40mpg will be paying the additional equivalent income tax of 2.91% or in monetary terms £873.47 in fuel tax.

    An interesting fuel calculator is here to see how much money HMG is ripping the electorate off.