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Fuel Duty Increase 1st April 2011

If this were to happen, would it be enough or would it merely be an act of pity..?


Govt to consider fuel duty stabiliser

With the next fuel duty rise due in April, the Chancellor George Osborne has announced that the Government is keen to ease the pressure of spiralling costs for the motorist.

In last year's budget, Alistair Darling announced that fuel duty would increase by one penny per litre in real terms on April 1st this year; in the longer term, a rise of 1% above inflation was intended for every April until 2014.

The current cost of a price of a barrel is well beyond the control of the Coalition. However, what about our scandalously high fuel taxes..! The cost of fuel is killing the High Street and also many other areas of commerce. The Greens would have us believe that the high price of fuel is causing a full scale migration to public transport, but the truth is much grimmer. People are simply staying at home and instead are doing their shopping online. Good for online businesses but not good for organisations that have many more employee’s than the largely automated distribution centres that feed the drop shippers of the t’internet

As it's blatantly obvious that the British general public are a bunch of whingers that will moan all day long about the price of fuel, but would never dream of taking a mass protest to the streets, is it about time that our government finally stopped raping us at the fuel pumps and instead made a huge cut in the fuel duty levy; a cut with enough significance that the forecourts would have no choice but to reduce fuel prices, or are we just destined to remain****ed..?


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If this were to happen, would it be enough or would it merely be an act of pity..?


or are we just destined to remain****ed..?


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c.80p/litre tax, and the Government might give us back a penny or so? Not much of an economic stimulus, is it.....?

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