Fuel Costs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ukdaytona, May 27, 2008.

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  1. Just been announced on Ch4 News that 'Darling' the Chancer will be meeting with Haulage Companies next week to listen to their concerns on rising fuel tax and road tax....

    Some Green Hippy saying its a good thing as it is forcing people to buy more efficient cars etc, so if you cant afford to fuel/tax your car how the fcuk are you supposed to be able to buy a more fuel efficient vehicle?
  2. Any link to this?

    Note you said ' to listen to their concerns' , doesn't mean he'll do feck all about it!
  3. Just found the keys to 49 Para's POL store and pumps.. shall i hand them in or ???
  4. Could be serious this... i think they'll have to react favourably. The whole nation is feeling the pinch of rising fuel costs, and a large proportion of this is tax (80% is it?) which then gets VAT put on top!

    The treasury is going to have to pull some real magic to sort this and the changes to VED out, AFAIK the money raised from the extra tax and VED has already earmarked/spent. The golden rule is fecked.

    Shame we don't have a £23K allowance... maybe my company will foot the bill in getting my missus a taxi to do shopping for us (like in the case of Michael Martin, Speaker), after all, i have to eat in order to work!

  5. The VED thing by emissions is a wonderful idea, the Gubmint's idea of an 'environmental tax'. Can any MP actually tell me how much of this money goes towards, for example, saving polar bears or something. Any guesses, I reckon not a lot.

    And fuel duty? Great, a duty hence a tax, with VAT on top of that so you pay tax on your tax. Tossers :x

    Mind you, being in Germany at the moment I'm paying about 50p a litre and no VED so I'm OK Jack 8)
  6. Methinks the best they will do is put the next fuel tax increase on hold. The prices really ain't going to come down in any useful way. Since we are sitting on the edge of a slippery recession slope they need all the tax income they can get. Feck 'em, I just converted to LPG.
  7. 'Can any MP actually tell me how much of this money goes towards, for example, saving polar bears or something.'

    I can tell you - exactly sweet FA. When the air passenger 'environment' tax was doubled last year, a government minister admitted that it would not go into saving the environment.

    Environment taxes do not get spent on the environment, Road tax does not get spent on the roads and National Insurance does not pay your pension or build hospitals. There is only ONE BUCKET, marked 'Gordons' tax take, please waste me', and everything goes into it.
  8. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Every time you hear a minister use the word 'Environment', substitute the words 'Stealth Tax'.

    I bought a diesel because I thought it would be cheaper to run, and the fact that it was more environmentally friendly than a petrol was a small bonus. Today diesel is £1.25 a litre, 10p more than petrol. I kinda remember that when some Whitehall suit is wringing his hands about the sodding Polar Bear.
  9. Fuel increases of this magnitude mean one thing and one thing only.....higher inflation. Every man, his wife and their bosses need fuel and lots of it. Those costs have to be passed on to the rest of us, so wait for prices to start climbing skywards any time soon.

    Gordon knows all this of course, but he has no choice. He has so royally fucked up the economy,and left diddly in reserve, that he needs the cash and he needs it now. In fact, as has already been said, he has actually already spent it.

    Of course, when there's a knock on the door at the chicken roost, Gordon will be long gone, leaving our Dave to try and pick up the broken pieces of was once Great Britain.

    I just hope he's good at jigsaws.
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Bugger, I thought this thread was about how much it would cost to 'necklace' Broon. I'd worked it all out too.

    1 Gallon is all it takes. Simply put a litre in one of those squirter-thingies (that you use for rinsing leaves on indoor plants) and squirt him up and down. Put the other fuel inside the tire, making sure you save a bit to create a stream for the tarmac as you walk away, and then throw the match.

    At £1.10 per litre of petrol (4.546 litres to a UK Gallon), thus £5.00 per gallon, plus a squirty thing at £0.75p, a box of matches, 10p, a one gallon fuel container £6.50 and an old tire - free. So, total cost £12.35 to burn the cnut.

    The revenue will earn £5.00 directly from that transaction, followed by large savings in terms of medical costs on the NHS, gold-plated pension handouts, less wasted on quangoes etc etc etc.

    So, it's a win-win situation. We all save around £20,000 in taxes personally, each, the revenue will probably save around £100,000,000,000.00 shaved off the cost of quangos, NHS and the like, the country regenerates its global respect and earns more from international trade as a result . . . . the list goes on.

    The point is, if you look after the pennies, and spend the wisely, the pounds wil take care of themselves.
  11. Ok. I'm convinced.
    Can I chip in for the petrol? I have a spare Zippo if that helps?
  12. A very telling statement, nothing to do with green issues or changing peoples use of fossil fuels, but all to do with raising revenue.

    Now where is sven to defend this?
  13. Defend the blatantly indefensible, could be interesting.......

    I like Biped's idea, I'm sure people would pay good money to do that, maybe some form of online auction is called for, £50 to HfH if I can do it! :twisted:
  14. I bought a diesel for the same reasons.

    The way I see it is that the politician robbin' barstewards don't have to fill their cars up, they either claim it as expenses or get their chauffer or bodyguard to fill it,same result,the taxpayer pays.They need a few days back in reality queuing for petrol and food etc.W*nkers. :x
  15. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Did anybody catch that item on R4 over the weekend? Some green Muppet suggesting a carbon offset tax scheme?

    We all get assessed on our carbon footprint, home, car and lifestyle. And we are all allocated 'Carbon Credits'. If you exceed your limit you can buy credits from more green people.

    Sooo, if like me you live in a Victorian house which is only half double glazed, drive a 3 litre car, fly for work and like long haul holidays you are stuffed.

    Where shall I buy my carbon credits? I know. How about Ms. ChavScum who lives in a (Council) double glazed and insulated flat with state of the art (Council) central heating, free (Council) eco-lightbulbs, who dosesnt fly anywhere or go on holiday because she is on benefits...