Fuel consumption figures

I'm try to plan a long road move, I have been informed that should vehicles require refueling then only fill them with as much as is required because fuel from POL points is a cheaper option that agency cards. Fair one.

So I've gone to the REME Pocket Book to get fuel consumption figures. It states that "Rec Veh" (I'm assuming that it means Foden 6x6 GS)does 0.89 KPL, it seems rather excessive considering it quotes Warrior as doing 3.0KPL.

Is this correct?
look in the operating info aesp 101
Check out the staff officers handbook (see Adjt) or spk to the relevant IPT.
Plan your route via POL points. It's less embarassing than featuring in the national media when the convoy runs out of fuel.
Use the excessive figures! Sod 'em at least you'll have enough and they'll have no comeback as its in the book. It'll change when towing anyway.
putteesinmyhands said:
Plan your route via POL points. It's less embarassing than featuring in the national media when the convoy runs out of fuel.
There's a credit card in my pocket that will stop that happening! :wink:

We do have agency cards and the power to use them but if we can save cash we will, all wagons have pack fuel anyway. Thanks for all the help.
I must admit to this having never been a consideration in any road move I've planned.

My biggest constraint has always been driver's hours. I then programme rest stops to coincide with fuel stops to reduce the overall number of stops. It usually works out at every other rest stop including fuel, and we always fill the tanks as you never know when you will be able to fill up again, what if the planned POL point/service station is closed and you don't have fuel to get to the next nearest? The call out charge in the recovery contract is probably way higher than any paltry saving in the difference between POL point and agency card.

I would be inclined to remind whoever came up with this policy that the money in the fuel budget doesn't come from their own personal bank account.

I'd also bet you'd probably use more fuel getting from the route to a mil POL point than the difference in cost on the agency card.
Vermin i wouldn't worry too much about the Foden Rec, if travelling at convoy speed fuel consumption won't be an issue, sorry to perhaps give you an egg to suck but from personal experience it's the 'free runners' who cause problems...you know captain admin and maj special, who normally set off four hours later...no route card, half a tank of fuel, being driven by cfn zanussi, last seen wandering around looking for chalk and his rifle !
Look at the vehicle' last few worktickets. The fuel consumption and distance covered figures willbe there for your inspection. Or isn't working these figures out at the end of the month routine job for your MT rep?

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