Fuel card

hellfyyr said:
LingsCars said:
the_crimp_off said:
I've signed up. If it means I can knock 10p a litre off my fuel bills in the near future then I'm all for it. Don't suppose he can do the same with tabs can he?
The Crimp, probably not on your cigs. But I can save you money on your chow! I bring out new card! This very popular in Chinese Army, as soldier there earn equivalent of 37p per day. You could learn many tricks from me! Subscribe today, avoid paying too much at local NAAFI (discount only applies to rice).

Stop hijacking threads you fecking stumpy oriental witch...

When you read this you will no doubt comment how rude I am: but before you do so, consider carefully the fact that I dont start advertising my rubbish incessantly on your website; please stop doing so on ours you fecking endless dull cnut.
Hellfyyr, oooooooooooh thanks for plug.

I really like you Army soldiers, you are so full of energy. If you were artists there would be more Angels of North, certainly. I do not understand why you want fuel card? Surley you simply steal fuel from Army to put in your own car?

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