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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Sam_Fisher, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. I have just registered for this on a website. It is a guy who is trying to get cheaper fuel for the average driver. The website is www.pipelinecard.org. The more people that register the better. Sorry if it has already been done on this forum.
  2. never heard of it :p
  3. Your link still doesn't work. Is the guy dry bum-raping you in return for free sponsorship?
  4. click on my banner which i have been running for about 6 weeks
  5. Is pukka gen, saw a prog on TV about the guy who set it up. If it gets me home cheaper it will do for me.
  6. So, has anyone actually started receiving any cheaper / discounted fuel?
  7. Thats the catch crimp-the guy needs about 1,000,000 members before he can bargain for a discount!
  8. i will see if i have his latest newslater the card is still being produced and discounts are still under negotiation, however sign up is free and the more people sign up the better the final discount will be
  9. most recent newsletter

    Dear Pipeline Card Member,

    I just wanted to let you know that Pipeline Card now has over 200,000 members.
    Well done to all of you who have worked to build up our numbers to that level.

    If we keep this up, when we go live in April or May, we should have at least

    Meanwhile,while we have been carrying on our discussions and negotiations, we
    have identified a possible opportunity to secure a discount on heating oil. We
    know that some of you would be interested in this, because you have told us, but
    how many?

    If you are interested in cheaper heating oil, don't reply to this email, send a
    separate short email to oil@PipelineCard.org. It's not guaranteed that we can do
    it, but we need to get an idea of how many are interested.

    That's it for now. Don't forget that you can recommend Pipeline by visiting
    www.PipelineCard.org/recommend.html and you can unsubscribe as a member at any
    time by sending a blank email to unsubscribe@PipelineCard.org.

    Best wishes

    Ben Scammell - Pipeline Card Founder
  10. Pipeline Card has only been going for two months but we have already secured
    agreement in principle from a major retailer to offer fuel discounts of between
    5p and 10p a litre. We have also had great support from the media, particularly
    from the car forums, Times Online, and from Martin Lewis, the money saving
    expert. If you haven't already done so, please check out the Media Page on the
    website (www.PipelineCard.org/media.html).

    from registration letter dated feb 7 06
  11. Crikey Smooj are you on commission?
  12. nah just want the cheapest possible fuel as i said the more people on board the bigger the discount so i want to try and answer any doubts people have
  13. I've signed up. If it means I can knock 10p a litre off my fuel bills in the near future then I'm all for it. Don't suppose he can do the same with tabs can he?
  14. The Crimp, probably not on your cigs. But I can save you money on your chow! I bring out new card! This very popular in Chinese Army, as soldier there earn equivalent of 37p per day. You could learn many tricks from me! Subscribe today, avoid paying too much at local NAAFI (discount only applies to rice).