Fuel Bottle by Crab Air

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by VerminWA, Jul 17, 2006.

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  1. How can I get my fuel bottle on crab air? If I vent it for weeks, harry maskers it so it doesn't say FUEL, fill it with juice and carry it in my day sack will I get away with it?

    Or do I send it (vented) in my MFO?
  2. What sort of fuel bottle, what was in it and where are you going?
  3. Optimus fuel bottle for a multi fuel stove with petrol in it and Bosnia for a cold winter.
  4. if you have the bottle open its just an odd shaped metal vase, having the top screwed on will give the morons the excuse they need to confiscate it.

    having fuel in it would be silly and unneccesary.
  5. I fully intend to vent it for 2 weeks before flying and I fully intend to stamp on it before it gets confiscated. I would hope that venting it would be enough but you never know what jobsworth is on the check in!
  6. I checked with RAF movements, apparantly you need to vent the bottle and it needs certifying. (by a mover?) I was advised that if you ring ahead to S Cerney or Brize they will advise you. If you try and sneak it through and they find it it will be confiscated, if however you are up front, and declare it they can send it as cargo. I had a gerber on once and they took it away for the duration of the flight and returned it at destination.
    Sounds a right nause but they are not there to bugger you around all the time.
  7. What's wrong with your issued Hexi Blocks
  8. And what are you going to be doing in Bosnia that needs a stove (Hexi, multifuel, or otherwise)?
  9. Edit for wrong post!
  10. The sticky crappy mess!

    Who knows? Just been without it too often to want to leave it behind.
  11. Føcking crab plod tried to take my (& the rest of the detatchment's) Gerber's off us on the way to Kuwait for Telic 1. When I told the plod we need them for our job (strategic satcom) he eventually let the loady take them all onto the Herc in a padded envelope, as a concession.

    My point is this..... I'm getting onto a Herc, with 2 BVs full of Satcom kit. We're off to a sandy place, and there's a good chance that there might be a little contretemps between ourselves, and the Iraqi military representatives. So what's the likelihood of me storming the cockpit with a Gerber multitool?

  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    The std answer will be a squealed: "We have to comply with CAA regs !"
    But how often do the CAA Gestapo arrive at Brize and check all the service personel pax to ensure no regs are contravened ?

    All it really needs is for someone high up in the food chain to write an order permitting the movers to use their brains about this.
    It'd be ignored however, as it would remove what they see as a perk of the job, ie free multitools & gadgets.
  13. Agreed! It's not just the Army that gets pinged for carrying Gerbers etc. However the RAF has to go along with civilian rules. I don't know who would audit the flight crew/movers/coppers if you were allowed to travel with a multi tool? You can however place a gerber etc in your main baggage. (I don't think there are too many of us that would need to charge off the back ramp of a Herc wielding a Leatherman to slit the throats of an enemy force). With all the H&S and red tape the RAF movers and coppers have to comply, thats the rules. I also agree that the last people who are going to storm a cockpit armed with nail clippers are British Forces. I don't imagine Army movers would bend the rules too much either.

  14. You are correct, they are CAA regs.
    However the crew and movers are obliged to follow the regs, they do not have seperate rules for soldier types going to the desert.
    Why can't you just put them in yer bergen, then there would not be a problem?
    Remember the movers don't make the rules, but they are expected to follow them.
  15. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    (I'm going to enjoy this !)

    Now, what was the phrase I was looking for ?
    Ah yes, I remember !

    *Cough *

    "I told you so."