fuel air explosive

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does anyone know if this is the stuff (ethyelene oxide?) that is 100% HE by volume and pulls victims' lungs out through their noses?Eeeeeew!
It's one of the many possible constituents of an FAE. An FAE only has to have fuel and air in the right proportions to provide an explosive mix.

Done wrongly, flour can be the fuel for an FAE, as several flour mills have found to their cost in the past.
A few years ago I was sent on a week-long course on FAE and explosions in vapor clouds. The course involved far to much calculus for my liking but they did serve very nice biscuits during breaks.

I do recall being taught that there were only 6 gases that would reliably make the deflagration to detonation transition in an unconfined vapor cloud. I recall that ignition method can make a significant difference in this process. I recall that the initial blast wave is less intense than conventional HE but is significantly longer. There is also more of a difference between the direct shock wave and the reflected shock wave.

Recently I read an article that stated that the good folk at Picatinny Arsenal have made a 40mm FAE grenade that is supposed to be the dogs dangly bits but I have never seen one.

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