Fucked Safety Catch

Ravers may be able to give some good advice here...

I have a 1936 Purdey SLE and the safety catch appears to have seized in the safe position. Any ideas?

Do I take into the local (Bristol) gunshop and let the chimp behind the counter fiddle with it, or do I take up to Laandon town and take out a mortgage to let the maker fix it?


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The safety slide is a fairly simple mechanism and most shotguns have a similar type.

The safety 'button' is attached to a slide which in turn slots into a notch in the spindle. When you move the lever to open the gun, the spindle rotates pushing the safety slide back.

Below the 'button' is a bar which blocks the trigger plates rising and engaging the sears.

There is also a little leaf spring which holds the safety in either the on or off position. Chances are this is what's fucked in your gun.

Non auto safes are the same but the bit where the slide meets the spindle has been removed.

Your local bloke should be able to sort it.
They often stick after "over oiling" and prolonged storage, the oil oxidises to form a hard resin, like varnish. A good deep clean usually sorts that, Hexane (Carbureter cleaner) is a good solvent for such deposites, if the metal lock surfaces are simple steel warm Sodium Hydroxide solution was traditionally used, with a high value gun like a Purdey I would probably not tackle it myself though!


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Don't go diving in with any nasty solvents or chemicals.

The woodwork inside the gun is not treated or varnished in anyway shape or form. It's just bare wood.

It will soak up anything you chuck on it like a sponge, become brittle and break.

The tolerances on the stock around the working parts are minute, we're talking a few thou in places.

If you do put anything on the metalwork, make sure it's well cleaned off before you put the action back on the stock.

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