fucked main board at 18, not sure what to do next.


Hi all I am 18 years old, and attended main board earlier this week and came away with literally no positive feedback (which is fair enough tbh).

Disappointed as I got cat 1 at briefing, and attended main board exactly 1 month later, perhaps got ahead of myself a little bit but was hoping to get out of home asap.

Feedback wise, they judged my intellectual potential to be below the required standard, practically and analytically. Physically I was judged to be just below the standard (think this is because I did not clear the wall during the obstacle course, as I performed okay physically in all other areas).

"aspects of my personality also require further development", went on to say interestingly that I need to develop more empathy, behavioural awareness and too develop strategies to think "clearly under pressure". Also that I need to develop more maturity and self discipline.

Finished by saying that I performed inconsistently throughout the board, and that it is very unlikely that I will develop sufficiently to increase my chances of success on a second attempt.

I have always wanted a military career, which is why once I knew I had failed I got in contact with the soldier recruiter at AOSB, who said I could be booked straight on to basic training to join the infantry, or also attend int corps selection in march.

Alternatively I also have good enough A levels to go to University.

I am not too sure what to do, part of me wants to join the reserves, get a degree and have a crack at it again in 4 or so years. I am not sure if I have what it takes to develop so significantly, I was the skinny kid who got bullied for most of my childhood, and I know I have come long way from that at least.

I mean if I am so off the standard for main board who is to say I will make the cut at specialist selection for the int corps, probably not in all honesty.

Just looking for advice really, on how best to pursue a military career.

Uni. Read something real and useful
Review your options after that.
Bit late to the party here - but I believe the average age at SHurst is 23-25 as it fluctuates year on year. From what I've heard, there are very few 18-20 year-olds. Not to say you can't do it, but there's no harm in waiting a couple of years and working on all of the above points

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