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Fuck sake, do Nazis still exist, meet the KKK in Swansea....what's next...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pashtun_Nationalis, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. Infidels join Nazis for Swansea mock golliwog hanging

    Published on Monday, 11 March 2013 11:20
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    Daniel Clifft, Daniel Carter and Adam Thomas discuss Nazi things with Brian Powell from south Wales most dysfunctional Nazi family.




    So who were the two men in KKK costumes? Take a look at their feet above and we discover one of them was Clifft who was at the English Defence League's Manchester demo last weekend and is a friend of the EDL Manchester co-ordinator, Lacette Brooks..

    Above: Photo we took of Clifft earlier in the day
    and this screenshot confirms it



    Nigel Sullivan and Darren Clifft
  2. They look like they have the collective IQ of a small house plant.

    And is it just me or do they all have that "we're all 'cousins'" look about them?

    Inbred bellends.
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  3. I'd hate to see the size of the marmalade jar they got that gollyiwog from
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  4. Ohhhhhh shit!

    This weekend I decide that my hair had reached the point where I could see my scalp shining (just slightly) through it. So that calls for a grade one all over, nothing worse than a comb over or a baldy trying to pretend he has hair.

    The trouble is I could now be mistaken for one of these moronic, backward little turds.

    Well it's either that or the pillow case over my head.
  5. They've always been a bit strange in that there Swansea......
  6. Posted in the NAAFI Bar? Good choice, fucktard.
  7. Carly Simon wig?
  8. About 10 years ago I got mistaken for a nazi all the time. It was strange because I only had the short hair, wasn't dressed like one. But I digress.

    Look forward to always receiving crap service, but loads of space on public transport.
    Nobody ever sat beside me on the bus/train.
  9. Here you go:


    Just copy them all over your head
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  10. Or maybe even a "Curly" Simon wig.

    Yeah OK I've got me kagoule and my bus fare...
  11. Oh good, PN's back.

  12. But from a distance?

    (oh and the fucking wah shield is firmly riveted in place BTW)
  13. PM, you couldn't pop over to Mumsnet and explain the Afghan way of dealing with women getting above their station?
  14. .
    It's funny as most of them look like Belsen victims ... the very people the NAZIS hated.