fuchs gw 1

Discussion in 'RAC' started by masher69, Feb 1, 2010.

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  1. who crewed the fuchs during gw1 ?? Is the CBRN role an intresting and varied job ?? Have many RTR in the LRT done the para/commando course?? rambling on a bit just intrested thats all!!
  2. Don't know, not that old. Yes, much more interesting than MATT level stuff and you still get to play on tanks. The option is there though not many have passed.
  3. 14 Sig Regt (EW) crewed fuchs during GW1, they had 3 I think regards JJ
  4. And of course, you'll all like this, the RAF regt.
  5. I was under the impression that the NBC role Fuchs were manned by either the QDG or SDG. Pretty sure the armoured units has them due to their NBC recce role.
  6. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    1 RTR.

    I believe crab air have now binned the job but I may be wrong and if so will shortly be corrected.

  7. No, the JNBC Regiment was formed after Grnaby because of the obvious capability shortfall which prompted the UOR in the Gulf at the time. Only a few Fuch were purchased initially and was at least a year after Granby that the regiment was proposed and further purchases planned.
  8. Yes, I believe it has been dropped now, but for Granby definately crewed by them.
  9. With 1 (UK) Armd Div? The RAF Regt were sufficiantly trained in large scale armoured warfare with the army to fulfil this role? Or did they have one or 2 for airfield use only?
  10. I stand corrected, as per link below:
    It appears they still have the role.
  11. If my info is correct then that is also out of date(which is why probably why your first link is now 404) AIUI, it is no longer'Joint' the rocks are no longer part of it.
  12. I think I have to agree, with you.... but to back peddle and get back to the original thread, during GW1 we did crew them, not just as part of airfield defence, as part of 1 (UK) Armd Div, IIRC i think 1 sqn Raf regt were also part of that as well, with their spartans & scorpions.
  13. 14 Sigs had the EW version they were jammers, you did not say which type you just asked who crewed them