Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by FULLTRAIN, Apr 27, 2007.

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  1. Fecking cnuts.
    I was cheering the lion on until its messy dispatch.
  2. They were both in the wrong place- the lion shouldn't have been in a fcuking cage and neither should that guy!!
  3. agreed.

    but did anyone notice the dog in the background?

    ''cheers mate, you distract em, I'll nick his food!''
  4. Full Train, why are you too lazy to put this link in here so I don't have to bother my sorry arrse looking at it?

    Note to self, do not bang out fulltrain out at Army/Navy. It's unbecoming and frightens the officers.
  5. Can't believe they could not be bothered to finish of the lion, who has my full sympathy.
  6. Cant believe how numpty the bloke in red was at the beginning letting go of the lion so it could get a good bite of its dinner
  7. lions dont belong in a cage.

    Mixed feelings though
  8. typical over-reaction by the police.

    i was more concerned about the CPR skills though, there was no way the guy looked, listened and felt for a full 10 secs before proceeding with chest compressions. His fingers weren't interlaced, his elbows weren't locked, generally a poor show.
  9. The first thing I do when I see my mates head in a lion's mouth is wip the old camera out.

    Same here, poor fucking lion.
  10. The lion has no fault - it belongs in freedom - at best in a zoo!

    I've never been to a circus and think of them as cruel to animals..... and kids!

    The Turkish Copper was a funny sod though - looked really worried (dunno why - the lion had its chops round someone else!!!).
  11. @ whitemouse - you do not interlace fingers any more - lower hand flat on chest with the second hands palm resting on the first hands wrist are and fingers pointing up - this gives a point of pressure.

    They were fire fighters (in blue) and did a good job - got him breathing again.... no probs.
  12. Circuses using any non-domestic animal are archaic, and deserve nothing but utter contempt. Shame the guy didn't put up more of a fight the lion would have gone for the throat and done the job properly. The police officer screwing up the killing of the lion just about sums it up for me.

    :pissedoff: ...and breathe, it's Friday!

    the little dog in the background I believe was trying to lick up spots of the guy's blood, justice indeed! :D
  13. Chimpy is that your big bro?!

    Bunch of fcuking Cnuts big animals in cages is just not right.
  14. [quote="FULLTRAIN"

    VERY GRAPHIC.[/quote] I had to lay down :oops:

    Shame the Lion had to die when it is doing what is natural.