Fu**ing Gravy Train!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mugatu, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. Bet the neighbours are chuffed to NAAFI-breaks.
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  2. What a way to drive down house prices...
  3. Now you see how screwed up the "rules" are. This is ONE family but


    So let me get this straight, EVERY "adult" (person over the age of 16, I believe) in the "family" of 10 is claiming Housing Benefit? I thought that only the person "renting" could claim that so how in hell's name can there be multiple claims for housing benefit (and council tax rebates too) when the head of the family is the one who is supposed to have his name on the rent contract?

    Mind you, it is Islington council so that explains a lot.........
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  4. A family of 10 Somali doleys in the neighbourhood. The neighbours must feel really enriched. This is most certainly not the tip of the iceberg. There was an Afghan woman and her big family last year with a £1million house, with a rent that you'd need to be an airline pilot/pop star/top surgeon/stockbroker to afford. WTF are we doing letting these dustheads live it up at our expense? I'd sooner they slept on the streets. A tent supplied by a charity is good enough for em.

    I hope some cunt loses their job over this.
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  5. Why the fuck are people constantly linking to the fucking daily mail on here now?
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  6. Its the new Sun innit!
  7. Wasn't there a proposal to cap the amount that can be claimed ? In effect it meant that the end of the landlords gravy train in London
  8. Lower class individuals The Daily Mail the paper of choice. I blame the coalition
  9. Because I don't think the Garudain would report this story?
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  10. fu2

    fu2 LE

    where`s me keys, where`s me jerrycan ?
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  11. If the rules allow it,is that the guy's fault?
  12. It's a sign of the times......unfortunately .