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Just wondered what your views are on the FTSE - keep rising or is that it now ? You were right about the interest rate rise.

IF F_S knew that she would own Arrse!

The FTSE100 is more Global in outlook that the FTSE Allshare, so it likely to respond to Global events. I don't belive that the US is going to have a good 2-3 years. Too many issues too sort out over here, and a lame duck President will not help matters.

My punt would be for the FTSE100 to close:

6250 31/12/06
6000 31/12/07
6250 31/12/08
6900 31/12/09

BUT overtime if it keeps delivering, GDP+RPI+2% I'll be happy enough with that!
Jailorinummqasr said:
IF F_S knew that she would own Arrse!
Erm, I'd actually own a Manhattan penthouse, a fleet of Astons and a TP52 but there you go.

I wouldn't crack open the bubbly too soon, darling Ramillies. Many believe the current five-year high is a false dawn and that the market is overvalued. Having said that I don't see anything drastic happening - all sorts of things are likely to give the market a softer landing - a dip in oil prices has buoyed consumer confidence and there is still quite a bit of ongoing and interesting M&A activity. Much of the data is hard to decipher and contradictory (what's new?!) but the US housing market still has a few ripples and the things like the anticipated VAT increase in Germany next year wont help. In short, I'd say investors taking short term risks are likely to be disappointed.
Thanks for the more up to date Forum F_S, can you 'magic' the 2 together?

I can't help but take a bearish view on pretty much all of the western world's markets, am I missing the glimmer of good news that others can see? Or is US / UK housing heading south, an imminent slide in the dollar with nothing more than our faith in the Fed to hold it up and all this private equity cash sloshing around like an adolescent buy-to-let investor eyeing up targets like BA (!!!!) misleading me?

58_Pattern's financial performance sounds pretty enticing but how will it fare in the next few years?

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