Discussion in 'REME' started by claw, Dec 15, 2008.

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  1. hi gents . what is the feeling about ftrs lads in regular units .ie are they treated any different or just accepted as one of the shopfloor any info on this would be great .cheers
  2. depends really mate, if youve been on tour with the lads before from what i can tell you settle in pretty quickly.
  3. It depends if you're a spanker or not?
  4. Short, sweet and spot on.
  5. cheers for your reply
  6. No problem. I wasn't taking the p1ss. That's about the long and short of it really. Knuckle down, have a laugh, and you'll get on ok.
  7. any experienvce with ftrs smudge .cheers mate if so would like to hear about it
  8. nice one mate cheers
  9. what he said. The first FTRS guy I worked with was spot on and he was treated no differently to anyone else, nor should he have been.

    The next guy I had working for me was a nightmare he had to be treated differently not because he was TA but because he was an absolute liability.

    You won't be treated differently for being TA but you will if you are a dick.
  10. I've got the same to say as Spaz to be honest. One guy in Bosnia was a good egg, worked hard, had the right attitude etc.

    Another guy back in the UK was a complete prick, and a waste of skin.

    You'll not be treated differently, unless you're a mong.
  11. its good to know that you get a fair crack of the whip when you go ftrs with the right attitude and its only you who makes it easy or hard for your self .thanks smudge an spaz
  12. No worries. Good luck. If you need anymore advice feel free to ask.
  13. i take you are reg or were reg
  14. Ex reg, Spaz is still serving.
  15. alright to pm you