Discussion in 'Sappers' started by sawcomm6, Jan 21, 2008.

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  1. Hello everyone...I recently applied for an "operational ftrs" and after waiting over 2 months, Glasgow have got bk to me with a posting order of 21 Engineer Reg, (who I understand are due back off tour in the next couple of months!)

    I explained that it was an operational tour I was after & ive been told thats all there offering...take it or leave it!..... :x

    Now can anyone offer any advice, as I am given the impression the Corps is now full, which was far from the case when I left 1 year ago from the regs, (5 years service)..

    Many thanks :eek:
  2. You're after an operational tour fella?

    Should be no problem with the current op tempo, just join any Regiment and you're bound to find yourself building sandcastles within a year or so!
  3. Id gladly join any regiment, Uk or Germany, but my understanding is there is a 3 year cycle & if 21 are just coming home it could be another 3 years before I hit the beach! :eek:

    I have already applied to be mobilised through Glasgow last summer,

    However after waiting 4 months with no answer (they took my name, gave it to LAND...then after chasing it up every 2 weeks..they told me after 4 months I hadnt filled in the form on the reserves website..even after I asked them if i had to fill anything in!..."No..we just take your name/number & give it to LAND)!!! :cry: