Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mongoose, Jan 11, 2008.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone is thinking about taking up an FTRS post? They're keen to have 800(I think) FTRS posts taken up by April 2009 to gap the various posts in the Regs, free up more valuable troops for Ops too no doubt.

    We had a soldier apply for one last month, got a reply and an offer a couple of days later..
    I wouldn't mind two years or so in Germany... :D

    Anyone got any FTRS experiences they want to share?

    Also, whilst hunting around the FTRS bit of I'm sure I saw a bit about people that are medically downgraded being able to apply for FTRS posts (can't find it anymore though), I'm not downgraded myself but its an interesting chance for those unable to deploy on ops that want to do something useful - providing I didn't just dream it..
  2. I have to admit i have no knowledge on FTRS but as i am a bit of a loose end for the next year spending the majority of that at BATUS would be ideal, going to start the process tomorrow. You?
  3. Well, I've got women issues to see to first, if they don't go my way...sign me up!
  4. I have applied for a 2 year FTRS staring in 2009, hopefully i'll get it but not sure how they let you know and how long after the closing date they tell you if you have it or not.

    Any info would be good.
  5. Tel: 94561 2343/8798 (Mil) or 0141 224 2343/8798
  6. I've applied for different FTRS posts but have never got anywhere. I Think a lot depends on what your unit writes on the application, and if your face fits with the person holding the pen. Then again maybe I'm just bitter and twisted!
  7. that or they dont want to loose you! nah you're probably right!
  8. Spent more than 5 years on FTRS, very good time. Fortunate to be with units that liked to work hard & play hard, with the emphasis being on the former!

    Have heard some bad stories from people who did FTRS in the very early days, but that was mainly due to the ARAB/STAB mentality. Education on both parts seems to have made it more of an enjoyable & worthwhile thing to do.

    Would think that anyone going on FTRS for a couple of years would now almost certainly pick up a tour, and that is no bad thing IMO.
  9. What is the gen if you have to leave an FTRS contract early? To be mercenary about it, if you got a better civie job offer. Aside from p@ssing off the system, is it a legal undertaking? Some of these posts run for three years and that is a long time to commit.

    Anyone know?
  10. I applied for FTRS and got accepted was due to go to BATUS but work soon put stop to it!! Some thing about 9 months off??!!!!

    It easy process fill form out, get CO to sign it off, provided all ok Medical at Chilwell and start FTRS.
  11. I got a letter this morning replying to my General Soldiers application, from September. There are no vacancies suitable for me apparently.

    Army stretched, it wouldn't seem so.
  12. Go for the Dog Handlers one, apparently about 7 people applied for 90+ posts...
  13. I did, got a letter back saying no vacancies.
  14. That's a lie (the no vacanies) - are you sure your CO didn't write nasty things about you?

    It's still on the RAOL - and I noticed they've moved from low rank L/Cpl to Private - presumably due to lack of applicants.. I'd try again if I were you, the board for it isn't untill 9th April so they told me (we had someone apply back in November, nothing heard!)

  15. I got the restructuring letter from my unit in the post this week stating the lack of armourers and metalsmiths.

    A couple of weeks ago spoke to my unit re FTRS/Mobilisation I was told that there was nothing available for armourers, (I volunteered in October for any tour, any unit, any time, etc) they'll keep putting me forward and let me know.

    Threaders at the moment - need to be doing stuff.