I am currently serving on a 12 month FC FTRS with my parent TA unit as an acting MT SSgt.I am 37 and with the age for regular soldiers now staying in until 55 i am thinking of joining up with a regular unit once my FTRS finishes, what would the channels for this be? i have asked several seniors in my Regt but it seems a rarely asked question. :plotting:
Staff the question to your clerks, if they do not know, im sure that they can speak to your TA and Res MCM Div at APC for the process. Im pretty sure the detail is contained in AGAI's or TA Regs.
Arter 12 months FTRS you can apply to join the Reg Army. Paperwork is in AGAI's.

I did it 3 years ago after having having a brain fart and leaving the Army then realising that the Dole queue was a bad thing. Since I was in the TA it was easier to do the FTRS/rejoin thing as opposed to rejoining via the ACIO.

To that end, I have now attested three times!!!

Life is good

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