Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by farrell, Oct 23, 2003.

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  1. How wonderfully short sighted the powers that be are now they've rules that FTRS will only be offered on Home Commitment ie no X factor. This will mean that there will be the additional discrimination on pay as well as allowances, compared to our Regular colleagues.

    Futhermore Regular jobs will be gapped rather than offered to a Reservist, because they have run out of funding, despite the requirement.

    Lucky the Reservists are available to be mobilised when it suits the Regulars, rather than doing FTRS when it suits the Reservist.

    Long live the one Army concept!
  2. FTRS should work back in the uk and let the regulars do what they joined up to do!! whinge whinge whinge
  3. farrell, good point however, if FTRS want to serve overseas then should they not change their commitment to Regular service. FTRS posts were created to allow members of the TA to serve with Regular forces, if TA wanted short term Regular posts.

    Now that these posts are full, it should not be seen as short sighted, but designed to help those personnel who did not want to be complusary mobilised,

    Are you confused betwen NRPS pay and FTRS pay and the allowances, compared to our Regular colleagues.

    Yes the Reservists are available to be mobilised, its the job the TA signed up for - If you don't want to be mobilised, leave the TA. Rather than doing FTRS when it suits You. (see your previous thread about when it suits the Regualars, its your choice).

    One Army concept! say no more. You take the pay you serve the day!!


    FTRS should work back in the uk and let the regulars do what they joined up to do!! whinge whinge whinge, why be TA if you dont want to serve in a regular post. espirit de corps,
  4. We could always bin some TA Regts and Bns to pay for further FTRS posts.....perhaps that would help? It may help to balance the books.
  5. nope not a good idea the reg and reserve army is getting to thin on the ground
  6. 1920 wrote
    I am afraid that you are mistaken - it is a financial saving because the MOD has misjudged recruiting - Units are crying out for FTRS to fill gapped posts.

    I was refering to FTRS appointments currently based in the UK, but like their colleagues are available to be trawled, or sent on Ops on short notice. Until recently an FTRS soldier could be on full commitment - paid the same basic rate as his counterparts (less some allowances) and be prepared to deploy accordingly - now they will be paid no X factor and can't be deployed. NRPS on the other hand are generally retired NCO's on a pension and would never be expected to leave their TA centres, thus no X factor.

    FTRS and mobilisation are 2 different things - one is done under the reservists choice, the other is compulsorary. I support both, otherwise I wouldn't be in the TA. You take the money, you take your chance. The one Army concept should apply whether on FTRS or mobilised.