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  1. Hi all (I'm new on here)

    Does anybody know of any FTRS available for CMTs? I've searched on the army website and there aren't any; but with the shortages in CMT's and medics I would have thought there would be. Maybe it's to do with clinical governance and CMT(V)s???????

    Thoughts/advice please.......

  2. FTRS is used to fill gaps in the Regular Army. As the Army is slightly over-manned for the first time in years, that means there will be less FTRS openings.

    Clinical Governance for TA Cbt Med Techs will also be a reason for your unsuccessful search on the RAOL.

    You could of course apply to join the Regular Army and wait until a course for Phase 1 comes up then hang around for phase 2....then.....or simply stay with the TA and do what you do best.
  3. Hi Gaz,
    It's nothing to do with Clinical Governance. It's simply because of the manning problem with the army.

    There have been FTRS positions on the RAOL in the past with Regular army units and there were 2x CMT slots for Chilwell not too long ago. Best bet is to keep an eye on the list and wait for a vacancy to come up.
  4. Thanks for the info gents

    Scabbers - Not sure what you mean by ".....or simply stay with the TA and do what you do best." I have been regular and have served in most theatres of Ops - people shouldn't assume whom they are talking to - Humour and Humility eh?
  5. Big timer as well as someone who just cant let the green go!
  6. :)
  7. Ha ha...cheers lads! I m suitably brought back down to earth! :)
  8. get the PSAO at your unit to contact Glasgow or 2 med bde (depending on what unit you are with) and they will be able to tell you exactly what FTRS posts are currently available.

    Good luck
  9. You could always get a civvy job............ standing by for rant :)
  10. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Thats the old problem.
  11. Give it a another year or two and FTRS slots will start to appear again. There were some really good CMT slots before they reduced the number of FTRS. Hold your head up mate
  12. Don't hold your breath - FTRS is soon to be a thing of the past..................
  13. Where have you heard that?
  14. All posts have been reviewed by DMA and the intent is to reduce the number down based on natural wastage - we are at full manning (over in some cases) and the money is no longer there to enable continuance of FTRS.
  15. Ok, at the moment you are correct the army is over manned as it stands and FTRS places have been largely scaled down.

    Now there have been postings opening up again e.g the army are looking for 25 Mastiff instructors for 24 months. If the army is over manned then why can't they fill those slots? There have been some slots opening for other trades which the army can't fill and again that has come through recently on the RAOL.

    You watch as soon as the job markets open up in a few years, manning levels in the army will start to drop again.