Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by FlashmanTA, Jun 11, 2009.

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  1. I'm just about to complete Ph 1 and looking to do officer training after that but am starting to give some thought to FTRS. Things are quiet work wise in civvy street but I'm too old to join the regs as an officer so was thinking about spending a couple of years or so doing some FTRS work to build some experience and maybe a bit of a second career.
    Does anyone have any thoughts/advice on this?
    I'm quite keen to try and climb the ranks with the TA so thought this might be helpful in that regard as well - finish basic training, do officer training, op tour and then FTRS jobs for a while. Any thoughts?
  2. Stop for breath!
  3. Dont expect to be promoted quickly if you mobilise or undertake FTRS - in my own experience it seems that people who dont go away gaining operational experience but just do the right courses and attend the annual camps and are available for regular training will be considered ahead of you. That may seem bitterness on my part but thats my perception - also on FTRS you can only be promoted if your parent TA unit agree - again not likely if they have another candidate - a regular attender who can equally fill the slot but be available for training up for consideration.
    Its by no means impossible but just not likely in my experience.
  4. Did a stint on an FTRS job in Bos late 90's - fecking great fun. Go for it.
  5. Op Tours for junior officers are relatively hard to come by unless you're Inf and even then, they are relatively few and far between. Advertised FTRS slots usually want the incumberent to have a degree of experience and those courses that danielsan refers to like MK1 and JOTAC. It's not impossible to tour as a YO, but you'll have more change of getting away if you can go out with a formed TA unit, particulary with the draw down of Telic.

    However if you're prepared to go out as a soldier first then that will put you in good stead career wise, and you'll probably stand a chance of doing something interesting rather than being stuck in front of a desk...
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  8. You are highly unlikely to get promoted while on FTRS. Basicallly you are taking a vacancy from your parent unit for which they get no payback.
    You are unlikely to get an FTRS as an inexperienced young officer - most officer slots are for Capt-Maj in Staff roles.

    Get the Commission done, get an Op tour done - and you might find that you will be offered a post with the Reg unit you served with - but you will probably be expected to return to RMAS for the full Reg package.

    Strangely enough a lot of folk seem to have spotted that FTRS is a good option in the current economic climate - resulting in a lot more competition for posts - and a lot of Ex Regs asking to come back in out of the cold....