Discussion in 'Officers' started by striker, Feb 9, 2005.

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  1. :roll: What are they all about, met two on a course recently, what a pair of ***** Both unemployed 45 year olds, did a stint in the TA and now working in regular posts on FTRS, thank god its not in my unit. Is the Army that short of that we have to employ these boring old TA FTRS types. Why not promote a few more highly comptent Warrant Officers to LE, two very high quality Warrant Officers are due to leave after 22 years from my unit, only reason they were not commissioned is the Division has limited slots.
  2. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    An odd appraisal. Have you not considered the skill set that individuals can bring to the mob? Or are you just talking about these in particular?
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Last I heard, no new FTRS posts were being created.

  4. There are NO FTRS posts. Only posts which APC cannot fill by other means can be offered for an FTRS contract. Moreover, the FTRS (Full Commitment) contract is being almost entirely phased out in favour of cheaper Home Commitment contracts (no X-factor, no entitlement to accommodation) and S Type engagements (although these appear to be akin to rocking horse manure).

    And, for the record, I have had a number of FTRS personnel work with and for me and I've never found them any less professional or competent than their Regular colleagues.

  5. FTRS? Don't you mean NPRS? No, Non-Pensionable Regular Soldiers...
  6. I have been viewing arrse for about two years, and I am about to finish 5 years on FTRS, sorry to say I had great time, lost count of the courses I,ve been on and cannot remember the last time I worked a full week. FTRS is about bluffing your way through, anything I passed up the chain was done by my subordinates first. In all honesty, I went to the FTRS after losing my job and trying for 15 months unsuccessfully to find a new position, fact is once your over 40 no one is going to pay you anywhere near the same salary as a Major in the Army. I think the last two replies may have been from FTRS personnel, at the end of the day be honest with yourself in why your doing FTRS, its a job that pays, and if you really wanted to be in the Military, you would have applied to sandhurst years ago, not the mickey mouse TA officers course, which by the way I passed out as top student, not one of the highest moments of my career. I finish in a few months and am looking forward to resettlment, another perk!
  7. NRPS = Non Regular Permanent Staff (They do get pensions..)
    Totally different beast to FTRS. Tend to be ex Reg LE offrs, CSgt etc. Find them a lot in TA Units.[/b]
  8. Honesty!! a bit of a doss for you to say the least, at the taxpayers expense of course. But is this any more than the oxygen thieves employed in the public sector? I think not.
  9. I think there are 'sad sacks' everywhere; possibly you're more likely to find them on FTRS in that most people with plausability wouldn't want to break their careers in order to do a stint in an SO2 job and more unemployables might creep in (not saying that's teh case, just hypothesising). But I think you're generalising a tad there striker.

    Ref WOs - why not enable them to do staff jobs? If a WO can be de facto equivalent to a captain in many roles at regimental duty, couldn't the WO course at JSCSC be beefed up to prepare selected WOs for staff duties? At the moment it seems we take first rate WOs and make them into 2nd rate officers (hear me out - I can hear people fuming) in that we stuff superb soldiers and leaders into MTO and QM slots, or minor SO3 jobs. Why not give them the necessary military education (via JDSC etc) and so make use of that pool of talent.

    Perhaps this is heresy, so I'll stop there and see what response I get.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    If you're fishing for a bite, you're trying a little too hard :)

  11. fishing for a bite, perhaps squid touched a nerve, your coment on value of time as opposed to training says it all. :oops: