FTRS - Your views?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by securit, Dec 30, 2005.

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  1. I am sure that some of you on here will have been on or are currently on FTRS committments, how do you find them, obviously they will differ from unit to unit but is their any stigma from the regs that you are doing a job that would usually belong to a regular?

    As for the pay on these type of posts, do they match your civvi street pay or do you just have to make up the difference yourself. I have looked over the FTRS site and seen a few things here and there however it does not really give you huge amounts of information about what you can expect support wise? Or is that because there is no support? Or am I being too cynical?
  2. we had a couple of FTRS guys at our place (well, when I was still in), and nobody cared that they were FTRS. We used to give them stick about the TA, but it was never serious. I think, at the end of the day, its just your personality that determines how you get on.
  3. The pay is easy to work out - FC means you get the full regular daily rate for the job at your payband. HC means you get NO x-factor so 13% less - ie 5% less than TA pay. Work out how that compares to your civvy job - remembering to factor in 30 days paid leave and that you are paid 7 days a week.... The daily rates are available via the "serving soldier" chunk of the APC website.

    To find out about the actual post the best bet is to ring the FTRS helpdesk and get the contact details for the person sponsoring the post then talk it over with them direct, you may even be able to speak to the present post-holder but mostly FTRS posts are there because there is not so much a gap as a huge hole containing a deep in-tray...

    I've found a mixed reaction, there are ARABs about who put the TA down whatever you do. In my current post everyone is fine, CO very welcoming etc, last unit a bit less so but overall I've enjoyed it - or I'd not be here !

    Not sure what you mean by support - I've always found APC are ever so helpful with pay problems ... :D.
  4. FTRS was OK. Over the years I served became entitled to housing, removals etc. Believe it unlikely for most to achieve that now with the length of time ceiling imposed. Pay was the same as my regular counterparts on the same pay band & increment level (which seemed never to move!).

    Never experienced much anti - FTRS feeling. Everone I served/came into contact with were very proffesional. :D
  5. most FTRS posts now though seem to carry the caviat "will almost certainly involve a period of mobilised service" this concers me a bit as by applying for an open ended job like that you could get anything, you will have no choice about where you go (one of the big pluses of being TA). My cynical side tells me that you are bound to get the cackest job that no one else wants.
    has anyone any experience of being mobilised while on FTRS and how did it go? were you just given a pants job or was it all warm and cuddly? Did you get mobilised with the unit you were doing FTRS with?
  6. ftrs will be good for some individuals,but not all . when i did it there was no full comittment vacancies-only home comittment.
    based in the uk-army wouldn't help with was easier going to iraq,at least you got your pay and allowances(most of the time). :evil:
  7. My previous FTRS was with a Reg unit. I was not "mobilised" when we went on Ops, we just went. Thats the way FTRS FC works. I knew the job I was taking on was not wanted by anyone else, thats why it was offered up for FTRS. When I got there most people were fine or better, only a couple of unpleasant ARABs. Having signed up for a year I got two extensions, again there was no possiblity of a replacement and I was obviously doing a decent enough job.

    The real annoyance came when they had the cut-down in FC posts. I was offered another extension, on HC terms ( 13% pay cut) but with the proviso that "when we deploy we'll get you mobilised so you can come too..." Thanks a bunch, but no !