Ftrs to regular service

Hi just wanted get some info..... having served 5 years in a working unit on an ftrs (fc) engagement. Decided to re-trade and sign across to regular service. Great !!!!!
Everything was great until i received my first pay statement (after not being paid for 3months)...... and found that i had dropped 4 increment levels. After long talks with the pay clerks and compiling a file of "proof" of my rate of pay prior to signing over nothing has been resolved .....

Point being .. i am not usually a whinger and i always take every fast ball on the chin however i feel well annoyed at the fact i have been doing the same graft as my counterparts and i some cases more.

But am now however being penalised (by about £6 a day) and am back on the the same daily wage i was 4 years ago.
Anyone in the same boat or know anything about this sort of thing ...

It seems that the person who may be able to shed any light on this topic is in fact a very important and busy person as no-one can ever seem to contact him/her to find out what to do about this.
IF you read the DCI on the subject it provides you with the complete rules, they cannot drop your pay....they are taking the mick. Cut of the middle man and contact Glasgow.

Mr Happy

Years ago I had to speak to Glasgow, they actually seemed to care and wanted to help. A positive experience, give them a go.
Wow! You mean the Army are f**king about with the pay of a Reservist who is willing to work hard and willing to give up their civvy life for a bit? Thats unheard of isn't it? You should write to Mr Hoon. Oh no, thats a load of sh*t aswell isn't it. Wait till you get to Iraq where you'll get shot at and they'll forget to pay you for the privilage!

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