FTRS to Regular Contract possible?

Looking for a little bit of advice from ARRSE as it’s the weekend and all that, and the RCMO won't be available or possibly sober until Monday afternoon. I received a letter asking me to commit to 12 months (FTRS?) this morning. I haven’t read it myself, it arrived at my home whereas I’m at my work address, so I got a debrief from Domestic Chief of Staff on the contents.

I’ve been in the extremely frustrating process of rejoining into a Operational Pinch Point trade for the last 9 months... It has taken as long as it has due to mind-numbingly slow admin from Glasgow, ACIO incompetence, and add to that the recession and the length of time anything to takes to get through the military system. Bottom line is I have to smile and take it like I'm RN.

My question is this – could I apply for and accept FTRS and convert to Regular Service during or after the 12 months commitment? If so, I will certainly bang in the paperwork and hope that Chilwell gets me back in green faster than the ACIO as a rejoiner.

Is this possible? I hope I have posted this in the right place. I have searched for info on this and haven’t found anything so far that answers my question.



Wait to Monday as your RCMO should be able to get the pukka gen from your desk officer in Glasgow rather than base any decision on advice from here. Points to consider are:

If its an OPP trade you should have a fair chance of rejoining.

FTRS is becoming harder to get, but why lock yourself into a contract that may disadvantage you by making you unavailable when they come calling to join the regs?
My concern is that if I ignore this and the offer to rejoin falls through due to financial pressures, I will effectively have wasted the 9 months of waiting as well.

I don't know if you are able to go straight from FTRS to Reg, if so, I may benefit from applying. I will call on Monday; I was wondering if anyone here has any experience of this.

Thanks for your reply, appreciated.


Sorry for being too knobish, but you miss my point. The best thing you can do is wait until you speak to your RCMO, 1.5 days will not make anything like a slight difference to your long term employment prospects
Yeah mate, I know. Just curious as to whether anyone has any first-hand of this problem. Ah well, roll on Monday.

Second thoughts, Monday can wait. Got a lot of Magners to make Saturday night tv actually funny.
If you have done a year on FTRS you can transfer to being a regular this would more than likely be an S type engagement.

Remember the Army is full at the moment no recruiting no S types and not many FTRS, what there is units are being very selective at who they take on now as there is such a vast number of pax applying for them they can pick and choose who they accept.

I would accept the FTRS if I was you it will make it easier to get in once you re in.

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