Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by old_dragoon, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. TIGER now recruiting FC FTRS :cyclopsani:
  2. FTRS contracts now available and listed on FTRS site. 16 month FC contract. 4 month rotation through all theatres and UK.
  3. Saw that, What is Tiger Team? No Wah.
  4. Any chance of a link? - cant find site through google.

  5. Soldiers are employed as "asset trackers", recording the location and types of equipment and monitoring its movement.

    They are generally attached to the theatre HQ and work closely with Supply & Movement organisations.

    This is a difficult task that has been ignored in the past causing massive difficulties (by past, I mean we have always needed to do this but not invested enough in this area;)
  6. Hellfyyr is right. But things are moving forward (slowly) the equipment they use is being updated, obviously the contracts are better, for the individual.
    Just for info TIGER means Theatre Inventory & General Equipment Register.
  7. Assets like TAV (Radio Tags etc) have improved things but there are still too many supply systems that do not talk to each other to contend with.