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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by usmarox, Dec 12, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,

    Reading through the FTRS list at the moment (shortly to find myself at a loose end for a while), and there are a large number of arty jobs going. Some of them it specifies RA, however for a lot of them it says "RA Preferred".

    Question is, how preferred? I'm a soon-to-be R Signals radop, and there's at least one CIS Op job in there. Would I be considered for it, or am I likely to be farked off? I realise that the jobs aren't exactly the same, but are they similar enough to merit an enquiry?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Frankly it depends on how desperate/keen they are to fill the post and how close a fit you are to the job. If it needs a six month course at the defence college of the black arts then its probably harder than if its a weekends worth of powerpoint and a multiple choice exam. See what happens if you offer to rebadge is another good one.

    A good clue is if it says "open" under the apply by date. That means its been advertised for over a month with no takers. If its not a specialist role they will probably take the first breathing body to apply.

    My advice is to ring FTRS desk. They are actually pretty helpful and will steer you towards a job that fits/warn you off stuff that you have no chance of.

    Good luck.

    I've been on FTRS, on and off, for 5 years now, in three different jobs. One of those never even made the ad list - offered the job directly by the Reg MCM Div desk - obviously very very strapped !!
  3. There's a big push on (or starting soon) to intice more people into FTRS - something like 900 by April 2009 if I recall correctly? Like Trossachs says; give them a ring and see.

    Mate is doing FTRS at the mo.


    If you are qualified, try and squeeze that promotion out of them. This works best when you have other employment to fall back on (duh!).

    Get it in writing BEFORE you commit. If they say "Oh, yeah, we'll sort that out later..." fück them off!

    It is YOUR wallet (and pension if it becomes a habit)! If they are that desperate (soldiers on the cheap) then they can fücking well pay for it (you're still cheaper)!

    Apart from that it sounds a good laugh!
  5. Apologies for jumping in here, where is this FTRS website? Im at a bit of a loss for a while and if theres work available it could go well. Many thanks
  6. Yep, updated every friday. Shit loads of posts going that aren't listed.

    Like I said, big push to fill the gaps - the time is ripe! Closest thing you can get to being a reg whilst still a reserve, it certainly appeals to me
  7. Quick question, it says on the posting list the rank requirements, but doesn't seem to mention any prerequisite qualifications, is the best way to go about this to ring the FTRS cell at APC Glasgow?

    For arguments sake, interested in the Inf. posting at BATUS, rank bracket is spot on, anyone here have any experience of this appointment, be it Inf. or other Arms..?

  8. do you need to go through the ranks in your unit to get a FTRS placement or just apply direct to APC Glasgow?
  9. Was speaking to the FTRS cell at Glasgow tody to clear up required quals, any application for FTRS has be endorsed by the CO, so in short yes.
  10. I sense tension, tears :?

    So, if say, hypothetically, a gal such as myself, I mean, a friend of mine, hypothetically of course, was going to start an FTRS post very soon, can you elaborate on your "if you are qualified, squeeze that promotion out of them" comment.

    Do you mean your TA unit? Hypothetically speaking of course :oops: