FTRS - Perhaps a silly question

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by BoringUsername1, Oct 12, 2012.

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  1. So, NOWAH, but out of interest, who does FTRS attract and for what posts?

    Reading the Regimental Operations Support Officer thread the OP is looking at doing a job for upto a year but potentially less than that.

    Now, whilst the issues surrounding mobilization and it's knock on effects for your day job have been done to death, presumably FTRS appeals to those either unemployed or in very transient employment or is there something I totally miss, like a part time component to it? I presume this is very much on a case by case basis but unless there is something you *really* want to do, then the issues must be the same as with mobilization (which I presume it must be a type of).

    I mean no offence to people on FTRS and I'm not suggesting you're all wasters but in a certain personal circumstances, I just don't get it and to the extent that the common case would surely be that it's extremely disruptive for most people.

    There are presumably crossover benefits to day jobs depending on the post which I don't fully appreciate too.
  2. A lot of FTRS used to be for 2 years, so it can attract people in and out of work, and with civvi jobs they don't like.

    Some people actually like the TA and especially with HC you can pick your job and location.

    The downside is now contracts are getting shorter and some units are trying to get FC, or nearly FC for HC wages.
    If you have some rank in the TA and no civvi qualifications FTRS can be good money.
  3. you haven't already looked then there is an idea of the type of jobs available....careful if you are coming out on redundancy/pension though as this can be drastically affected. i'm no expert on it but was looking a month or so ago and my pension abatement would of been huge. Maybe some experts can shed more light on it.
  4. I've worked with FTRS. Most of them were ex regulars (i.e regular reservists) looking for more stability and choice of job/location; some are volunteer reservists with either no job or an unpredictable job/redundancy. One runs his own business on the side and likes the steady salary and regular hours. A small number are either in regular jobs that can't be filled (e.g infantry section commander) or other jobs open to all trained personnel (e.g SF, linguists, HUMINT, influence, staff officer, training). Essentially once you're trained you can apply for fixed/short term contract work with the Army. It's not really that well understood but it works a little bit like contractors do in Civvy street. Some people use it to have military careers that they have more control over-of course there are pros and cons but it's not too bad a way of doing things.
  5. I see, that makes a bit more sense (my bold).

    Yeah I'd read the bumf, but never bothered checking out the job list, blimey! There's loads of stuff on there :)

    Many thanks all.
  6. Think you will find the clue is in the title "Full Time Reserve Service" so I doubt anyone would maintain civilian employment while on such a contract unlike the TA where you need a civilian job to pay the bills etc.

    FTRS seem to be cut back quite a bit a couple of years ago, the last time I looked at the RAOL list there were posts but were for officers or were fairly specialised. Civvy jobs are thin on the ground now (where I live anyway) even agency work, so could understand why ex regs would look at FTRS.

    Whatever you decide, good luck!
  7. I've been on FTRS contracts on and off for years. Its a good way for the Army to fill posts flexibly without the "overhead" as they see it of having to offer a full career. FTRS "Home Commitment" contracts mean the incumbent gets no X facor, no entitlement to housing, no travel to duty and no medical support bar emergency cover - and as others have posted an Ex Reg would have their pension abated to the point where pay plus pension = the max "Regular" pay they'd have been earning - effectively you'd be stagging on on "normal" wages with MOD keeping the rest of your Pension.

    FTRS FC ( Full Commitment) is a way better deal - effectively full Regular Terms and Conditions, normally only offered to people doing jobs in Regular units rather than REMF jobs. - although I did get FC terms for acouple of spells in training jobs.

    FTRS goes in and out of fashion depending on how the bean-counters feel. FC is always the first to come under pressure - I was once told I could not be extended in my post with a Regular Bn on FC but they'd give me HC while we were in the UK then Mobilise me for our upcoming Telic..... lovely man-management.
  8. Not looking, just idle interest :)