FTRS Pension Scheme

I was told recently that someone has received a sum, equivalent to their pension stoppages, from the good people at APC. This person is an ex-regular and has been on FTRS for a number of years.

Does this mean that all ex-regs will be paid their pension stoppages, and what about the stoppages from the DRP? Does this also mean I will get my resettlement commutation back when I finish?

I still cannot get confirmation from anyone (asked Pension people via letter and they cleverley only answered the first of a number of questions!) whether my reg pension will be re-assessed when I finish FTRS, or whether I will receive an FTRS pension & lump sum at 60.

Anyone out there in the know?
Don't look like it does it? Not surprising really, the whole FTRS thing was dreamed up as a gap filler with no thought to the financial aspects. Well at least it will die out now as a result of FAS. They seem to be cooking the books like the TA did with SDR, cut LSNs and claim we are fully manned!
I am aware that certain "people in the know" regularly peruse this site, hence my original post. I genuinely have had problems asking pay staff & APC so please help if you can. Even if its via a PM.


I am not one of the seemingly ever growing number of FTRS that say they are banding together & talking about court cases, or at least saying they are. Lord knows I should be with the way I've been treated, but I can't get rid of this loyalty to the army thingy that has stuck with me for years! :roll:
I think that unfortunately this is one battle you'll have to fight on your own. I've never done FTRS myself but I have sat in the bar next to others who have and they all have their particular stories about the confusion and lack of policy that surrounds previous service, FTRS and pensions. What you actually get would appear to be a function of what you were told at the start of the engagement, current employment law and how much you rattle the cage. There is no DS solution.

My distinct impression was that the only way to obtain a definitive answer was to take legal advice and act accordingly. This has worked for at least one soldier I know. And I do understand about loyalty and not wanting to push - but please reflect that loyalty is a two way street. The system is not there to look after you, it is there to spend as little money as possible. If you want what you are owed I suspect that you will need to push. I'd love to be proved wrong however. Good luck anyway.

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