FTRS opportunities on army web site are ARRSE

Dear All,

I don't know why the army bothers with the FTRS link off the home page of their website. None of the Officer pages (except Inf) has been updated since October last year (and Inf in Jan03) and only Inf and AGC have any vacancies.

Yeah I noticed that as well. There are shit loads of FTRS ops going with my unit and none are posted. Suggest you speak to your PSI if you want to find out bout decent ops.
Even the published FTRS list cannot not cover all the vacancies. I would say, in defence of TA & Res if you do apply, your application is forwarded to your own Reg cap badge MCM Div who are supposed to marry you up with all available vacancies in your stated theatre.  
It's all right for you guys who can volunteer, if I tried that at the moment my CO would jump on it like a ton of bricks! Its his train set and he wants to play with the lot!! ;)

Why can the published list not cover all the vacancies? Either the info provided needs to be current, or the link should be removed....

When I first started looking for vacancies in 99, the trawl was 6 pages long, more soldiers posts than occifers. Some of the posts were for up to 34 pte soldiers for 6 month tours in Cyprus.
Hardly any of these advertised posts and those that followed were taken up, so in reality it was somewhat of a waste of time advertising.
What seems to happen now is that when someone expresses an interest in an FTRS tour, their application is directed straight to the Reg MCM Div, who decide which of the many vacancies will get filled.
Msr, if you are out of Grantham, there is a very good WO who has loads of lists of vacancies, pop in & see him. If as I suspect you are from that neck of the woods, believe me, there ARE loads of slots available!

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