FTRS Officers Not Doing Duty Officers

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by pipelinepete, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. FTRS officer just posted into the HQ.

    Says he doesn't wish his name to be on the Duty Officer list for evenings and weekends because he doesn't get paid X Factor, hence is excused "all extra f'ck abouts" (includuing duties).

    Chapter and verse anyone?

  2. What a cnut...the fuc3ker dont have to do guard duties, so he should do his officer duties or fcuk off and work in a bank if he wants all weekends and evenings off.

    If i was his CO, id grip the cnut.
  3. Put him through to the adjt.
  4. Aaaagh! Not chapter or verse, but this is Bullsh1t. Dodgy is the ground this one walks upon. Not doing his best to fit in is he/she/it? Cripes, if I'd pulled that one on the 2 x 3 year FTRS stints I did, I'd have been strung up, rightly so.
    Full Time Reserve service is exactly that - Full time.
    So, er - string him up!
  5. armies, green-slime and staaken I agree.

    Previously served with an FTRS Troopy. Primary School Teacher by trade "on the other side". Best troopy in the Regt. We lent him to another Regt for TELIC 1 and their CO thought he was the best Troopy in that Regt too.

    This one takes the biscuit though.
  6. Besides he should be used to working weekends- he was in the TA for fcuk sake.!!
  7. What about a FTRS bod we had. Got 4 miles into a CFT and pulled out smiling his big fat STAB face saying "in the TA we only need to do 4 miles", he did not last much longer.
  8. Its cunts like this that give the TA a bad name.
  9. Sadly for him he is wrong. He gets a reduced X Factor in his pay, he may not get the full amount as he is home service only and therefore not deployable. That is a seperate issue from doing UK based duty, if he refues to complete legitimate tasks, ie duty, then this should be reflected in his CR in the context of his unsuitablity for FTRS. It wont stop his current contract but should stop him ever getting another one.

    More confrontationally he is subject to military law, so if you have a higher rank or command authority by post then invite him to attend a brief where you formally order him to complete said duty and document it. If he chooses not to then AGAI or formal charges for disobeying a legitimate command order can be preffered. Cnut can do his FTRS in colchester if he likes.

    Had this case before and frontal assault when certain of facts normally results in FTRS Officers humble acceptance of tasks.

    If he is ex reg then he should be ashamed, always worth reminding them!
  10. PL thanks for that. There's enough ammo in that to go into battle.
  11. This guy is the exception - most FTRS are pretty well motivated and keen to fit in.
    This is a definite case for "Day on Day off" for a month - it'll make him a bit more popular with his Reg counterparts, that's for sure.

    Good post PL, it's what I wanted to say, but steam was leaking from my ears....
  12. Strangely enough,those officers who do the most whinging and schimpfing about the "BLOODY TA......." and its perceived shortcomings usually turn out to be FTRS (on closer inspection of the Army List) :?
  13. I can only echo Praetorian's comments.

    Also, being a natural born cynic, is he/she a war dodger?
  14. No - he's done a few tours.
  15. Boils my pi55 :pissedoff: , to hear that someone is pulling that card. If you're going to volunteer to take a post with a regular unit then you bleeding well should muck in with the rest and not absolve yourself from duties. Sounds like a medal hunter and jack twit. I bet his TA unit couldn't sign the paperwork fast enough to get rid of him. Shame some reg unit has to put up with him instead.

    Hopefully once someone has corrected his thinking on the issue the worst duties will be heading his way!!