Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bad_Crow, Oct 19, 2005.

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  1. Anybody have any info besides the obvious "see your company/battalion Admin chanin" reference where i can look up possibilities for mobilisation and FTRS. A catalogue if you will. I'm looking to get on another tour and my admin chain has found naff all at the mo. AKA That involves them doing their job n all kindsa crazy things like that!

    Much appreciated!
  2. FTRS Opportunities, details online here

    Mobilisation Opportunities phone numbers here
  3. Have a look at the FTRS/Mobilisation opportunities link on Armynet and the army website: FTRS/Mob

    Rumor mill says CRF is crying out for soldiers to go on Telic 8&9 - wonder why?!
  4. Do I have this right- you want to go to war, so you do basic & trade training, then ring up Chilwell and they basically ask "when can you start?"
  5. ^Pretty much - as long as you don't have dental problems that would cost the Army money. I'm not even convinced that trade training is necessary - but wait to stand corrected.
  6. Cough, Cough, splutter... I wouldn't go about ringing up Chilwell direct - you are liable to get yourself an interview without coffee for circumventing the chain of command!

    However if you were to research your options and go to your OC with everything laid out so that s/he doesn't have to do a lot of work, that would probably get you where you want to go...
  7. Sorry, wg100, I'm afraid to say that it's Crazy_Ranger who's got this one correct - and I speak as an OC who's just lost a very hard to replace CSgt to self-volunteered mobilisation. Having said that, I don't particularly have a problem with this system, it seems to be far more intelligent "intelligent mobilisation" than the lottery we had for the early Telics.
  8. Cheers for the response fellas.

    Dont fancy going to war. Just been to IRAQ a few times (telic 1 & 4) and done peace time postings. Had enough of that scene. I got a job oppurtunity late spring next year so thought i might aswell get some more experience in before i settle into a proper civvy job. Not really fussed where (besides iraq) or what work it is!

    Anyways Thanks for the help!!!
  9. Ok (holds up hands) maybe it is different for soldiers, I just wish it was the same for officer types. I keep trying to get away on ops and keep getting slapped down by the adj.