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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Charlie_Cong, Jul 20, 2006.

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  1. Any of you on the course or know someone who is?

    Seems quite attractive - take a couple of tours on the chin in return for a new language.

    Something tells me that I'd be more likely to spend two six monthers watchkeeping and attending meetings in HQ MND(SE) than indulging my "Great Game" fantasies of slinking around Afghanistan dyed black wearing a shalwar khameez and fearsome beard.

    I'd appreciate opinions, though.


  2. When I looked at this earlier this year, it was only 1x 6 month tour, and you got to choose the language.

    I did very seriously contemplate it, but in return for that chunk of my life I wanted to be sure that it was Arabic that I studied - ie that I'd be left with a useful business language, and not some Afghan goat herders' dialect that might only be useful if I later worked in a DSS office...

    It looks quite a cheap way to obtain fluency in an extra language, but on the 36 months of FTRS commitment you have to reckon on an additional longer-term setback in civilian career - maybe two years. During 5 years of proper civilian employment, you'd probably earn more than enough extra salary over army pay to be able to afford a civilian intensive-learning language course anyway.

    In the end, I decided that I simply did not trust the system, and that I'd be better off concentrating on my civvie career (or rebuilding what was left after a couple of deployments....).
  3. Doesn't that highlight that something has gone seriously wrong with the TA? I'm increasingly coming accross this and know a few people who often turn up for the latest Exercise Flying *about or Annual Camp where there is a lack of detail as they no longer trust what's instore.

    I looked at it, but fancied the look of BATUS more, will be keeping an eye out for that one again.
  4. I applied for the last course but didn't get a place, there is a lot of competition for the number of places available. the initial requirements are at least to be in the 80percentile on the MLAT modern language apptitude test or have an A-level at A-C in a foreign language, many fail at this stage and even those who meet this criteria may not get a place.

    Aside from that it seems a good opportunity and a chance to get a valuble skill
  5. Agree that Arabic would be the most useful, but I would have though that Farsi had some potential, too.

    I'm not sure that 5 yrs' work in civy st would enable most people to afford language classes the equivalent of 15 months at Beaconsfield. Whether or not the disruption to your civy career is worthwhile is something only you can estimate. However, do remember these courses aren't easy, and people do get kicked off them.
  6. Thanks for the posts.

    Just for the benefit of anyone who's interested in the course and finds this using the Search function, I've been awarded a place on the Dari / Farsi course beginning in Jan 08.

    I'd be more than be happy to offer advice to any would-be applicants, or point them in the right direction to chat to guys further down the line.

  7. msr

    msr LE

    Good luck with the course - keep us posted!

  8. DSL or Chicksands?
  9. Good luck! Expect enquiries soonish...
  10. How do you translate ' muppet ' or STAB, into Dari or Farsi ?
  11. Stab = afarbettersoldier (Say it fast)

    You should already know this being an ARAB.
  12. markaz-e narmi! (look it up!)

    Edited for mong spelling (in Farsi....give me a fcuking break)
  13. I thought it was a different script.

    Whoops. Shows how much I know!
  14. I know a bloke who wants to get on that but has no prior knowledge of the languages other than what he has picked up on tours.

    Shame because like me he's now forking out to teach himself Arabic.
  15. I aslo have a place on this course in Jan, you don't have to have any prior knowledge of the languages that are taught to apply.