FTRS Kit Upscaling

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by danielsan, Jan 3, 2009.

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  1. I'll soon have to turn up at Chillwell for one of these - could anybody tell me what I should expect to be receiving - body armour etc? or am I making a 550mile round trip for shirt, trousers and a spare jacket - cos to be honest Ebay would be cheaper!
  2. How can ebay be cheaper :? You get paid for travelling to RTMC (including travelling expenses), get issued what you need free and at the end of your tour they will take it back off you for free and you get paid to go home (including travelling expenses) :D

    Now I believe you have no travelling if you buy off ebay, but you pay real money out of your own pocket for anything you do buy (including postal expenses) and you can get ripped off by the odd seller.
  3. Upscaling should and can be done at the TA parent unit before starting, a letter will have been sent to RHQ and a copy is taken to the QM in advance, he can then issue the upscale. However if you have not done this, then the upscale was:
    Extra combats, smock, trousers, jacket lightwieght x 1 set, extra T shirts x 2, thermal underware x 2, sealed respirator canisters x2, More socks and that was about it. It will depend on what you have already been issued and what is needed to "Upscale" you.
  4. Can we not use the word "Upscaling" please? Its very unbecoming.
  5. Time is money old boy - its a two day round trip for me - not that I will have any choice in the matter but surely it would make more sense to post out my contract for me to sign in front of OC/PASO and let the SQMS square me away. MOD eh - must have money to burn. :roll:
  6. Don't forget your issue dobey bag as well. By going to Chilwell, you are able to be on hand for any points of paperwork or items not held by your Sqms.
  7. True - enough though I can see myself being stuck there for a few days while APC try to correct JPA to get my contract sorted as I lost 3 increments when I demobbed - I couldnt possibly get out of bed for less than Im worth :D

    Anyone get the impression that Im just schimfing now?
  8. Are you only going for a one day G1 G4? If so the system is well oiled and works well. Ring in advance and you really can do the whole thing in a day.
  9. Hopefully just one day - as Ive said - fully expect my contract to be wrong and be stuck there for a couple of days for a weegie to sort it or have to come home and go back again.
  10. Just make sure, you do not injure yourself, before you sign on the dotted line.