FTRS Job Opportunities?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by DarkCloud, Jun 11, 2011.

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  1. My civillian job looks like it's going to be coming to an end shortly and my TA battalion doesn't mobilise for another 12 months. Don't want to sign on the dole alongside all the mutants until we mobilise and all CV's and job applications seem to go un-answered. I would join the regular army but having been to the careers office recently I was told by the recruiting staff that there is a long wait for infantry soldiers jobs and that I would have to start from scratch (i.e filling in forms, interviews medicals, and also starting basic training from the beginning) and that my best bet would be to get an FTRS. I have had a look at the job opportunities website and the only 2 jobs available to me are for the DOLSU, and also for working in the EFI.

    So does anyone have any knowledge of any vacancies for an infantry private soldier coming up within the next couple of months? Not fussed on regiment or location, just as long as they accept a Kingo with open arms and warm hugs.

    A CV is available upon request
  2. Anything on there for E2 - There used to be lots of driving jobs, welfare assistants and the like. Good luck!
  3. Cheers, I'm after more of a riflemans job though. Can't get enough of the mud, sweat and tears to be honest
  4. Good luck - but they have cut back hugely on FTRS to save dosh - the same reason that the recruiting pipeline is so stretched out. Meanwhile units are deploying shorthanded to Afghan or with add-ons from all over the shop. Go figure how nuch attention the system really pays to "overstretch" and "harmony guidelines" ...
  5. I was recently chinned off from an FTRS because my PSAO told me that ''battalions get told when and where they go, individuals can't just pick and choose'', I found it strange to be told that as a reason/excuse because that reason just totally contradicts the sole purpose of the RAOL, but now that you mention cutbacks I can see that it might have been a first draft of the new rejection letter that seems to go around
  6. Sounds like a cop out to me mate. I am not knocking you, fair play to you as you actually want to get out there and do the job. Swallow your pride, get down the careers office and sign up, you know its worth it.
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  7. I would have signed up when I was there, but the excuses the careers 'advisors' were coming out with were just crap. The long wait for that role excuse was just the tip of the chinning off I recieved.
    I did actually apply online twice last month becuase the army never got back to me within the 10 days they said they would the first time. So I logged onto the the online careers chatroom, where I was again chinned off with the reply 'go the careers office' for every question I posed.

    If I don't get any replies or offers on here then I may have to bite the bullet and take the long wait for the regs, hopefully there will be some more helpful staff in their on that day
  8. Maybe try a different careers office?

  9. Have you checked out the OCE list via Army Net?
  10. There never is much going for Pte s on the RAOL as for the OCE list its mainly seniors and above sometimes there are drivers posts on FTRS best thing to do is fill out an EPP send to Glasgow and ring them to see whats coming up.
  11. RAOL post reference 0200809 Infantry Soldiers rank ranged Pte-Cpl.

    Did you actually look at the RAOL before posting on here?
  12. Regarding appling for the regs. Plough through all forms and bullshit etc and when your application form hits Glasgow it will be filtered off as a member of the TA and the process should be speeded up. This is not widely known with the careers office staff as it is not something they come upon very often.
    Mate if you like the green side join the regs - you will get very bored with the TA after a while due to its limited nature. The regs life is great, well paid, secure job and plenty of time off.
    Don't be one of the many older guys who always regrets not joining when they were younger.
    Something to think about. Hope it all works out for you what every you choose.
  13. Yes I did look, I saw that one but I'm not SCBC qualified. Thanks anyway though
  14. If you re a Pte you wont be SCBC
  15. Could someone post the link to the armynet page? Is it on RTMC pages