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Be very aware about FTRS Home Commitment and know what you are getting involved in.

It is being misused across the Army to fill posts (admission by APC Glasgow) Basically we TA sit next to a Regular complete the same job under the same conditions but we do not get the same pay (no X factor), allowances or entitlements (no medical, no house, not allowed to stay in the mess!!!!!!!!!).

The Terms of Service Booklet clearly states the reason for payment for X factor is because you are under Military Law; you cannot just resign, and hardship. As we fall under this we should get the full deal or some sort fair deal. It is a cheap option for the Army, if they can get away with it…they will.

However, the FTRS scheme does have some fantastic opportunities that I would encourage you all to look at, just be aware of all the facts as nobody will inform you about the Terms of Service.

P.S Not all FTRS posts are published, you need to keep you ear to the ground or phone around to find the good stuff.

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