FTRS (HC) and overseas deployment

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by two-four-albert, Mar 6, 2012.

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  1. Greetings all, a quick question for those in the know (that doesn't include Me). If a chap like myself (FTRS HC) was to be asked to go on an overseas deployment (say FI for 6 weeks RIC) by his unit (1st Loamshires), are there any legal barriers that stop me from enjoying it (ie the HC bit). I'm up for it but a few people seem to think I won't be included unless I am mobilised. Any admin ninja/jedi available for comment ??
  2. HC?

    You mean NDM, Shirly?
  3. Hmm, well this is from the DIN

    1. Personnel will fulfil the full range of duties appropriate to the post, without conditioned hours, but usually in a single restricted location. This is normally at the duty station but including attendance at, e.g. training events, courts martial, and routine meetings which may require travel. This does not extend to travel to an Operational Theatre. Compulsory detachments will be restricted to training periods or Regional operational events and should be specified in the individual’s commitment and job specification. In the case of members of the Regular Reserve resident abroad, the duty station may be overseas. FTRS(HC) personnel cannot be employed in an Operational Theatre or Role unless mobilised.

    My take on this; So, if for example you were the RAWO of 1 Loamshires and the CO needed someone to make him a brew for the six weeks you could say it's within the range of duties appropriate to the post...

    A better example is those (previously NRPS) FTRS HC in posts like Adjutant/PSAO; if their unit goes on an overseas ex or camp; do they go? Yes, it's part of the job.

    It's likely to come down to the powers that be, if you've just been invited on a jolly by a mate and you'll be missed for the six weeks you're away I suspect they'll find some reason not to let you go. However, if its appropriate; get packing?
  4. NDM; national defence medal ?
  5. Many thanks for the reply, I'll get my doss bag ;-)
  6. National defence medal? Was there a war whilst I slept ??
  7. If it is RIC, that would be an operational deployment rather than an OTX. If you are on HC, you would be on the wrong contract (abated X-factor etc). I would expect that you would need to change contract and remobilise through RTMC (incl predeployment medical and L1 MATTS) into whatever PID you would be filling in the RIC.
  8. Thanks BS, I feel I would have to be mobilised as well ?
  9. Mind someone posted on here a while back about being sent/volunteered for duty in Italy during the Libya gig, then found they were penalised for X factor/pensions etc by not being properly mobilised ? My memory is that HC is basically written to allow deployment on a TA Camp or whatever but thats about it. Personally I'd be asking to be mobilised ""to keep the record straight".
    ....and the money would be better.
  10. No, you can't. My last unit thought they could just send all it's NRPS and FTRS (HC) to Kenya until Land informed them they were not able to deploy under the terms & conditions they signed up to, unless they volunteered and if they did they would not be insured by the MoD. Land told them the only way they could deploy NRPS and/or FTRS (HC) was for the CO to order them to go and take responsibility should they get injured or killed!
  11. Nothings ever simple in this penny pinching Army is it ? I'll just wait for active edge then :-(
  12. Was there even an exercise on? Or did someone just want to get rid of them for a while?! >:D
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  13. Hmmm. When they want you things can look very different.
    Interview with the units CO thursday lunchtime, in theatre Sunday afternoon, paperwork to follow...and no need for any of that Chilwell or Optag nonsense either ...
  14. And an absolute shitload of hurt should things go wrong and the Army gets taken for a fortune in court for ignoring employment law.
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