FTRS - funeral expenses

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by james-dean-bradfield, Nov 26, 2007.

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  1. is it true that if you sign up for FTRS get deployed and killed, your family are responsible for the funeral costs, not the army
  2. Hello, and welcome to the forum. You'll find everyone here love the media, and will say almost anything you like to get into the papers. Just let us know what your editor is looking for scandal wise and we'll make something up for you. Or no. Who knows? Ooooh, we are wacky arn't we?
  3. Hello Deano,

    Which paper are you from?

  4. Damn you milkandcheese!

  5. am actually RLC ta pte
  6. Actually, it's far worse than that - the family also have to provide a replacement for the deceased - normally it's the closest aged brother, who then has to fund his own travel, etc.

    I'm really glad this issue has finally come to light, now hopefully the MOD will do something about it, with enough backing from the press.
  7. Have you got a brother, James?
  8. this isnt a wind-up, ftrs dont have same rights as reg or called up TA
  9. What's FTRS?
  10. First Time Rodgering Sh*te
  11. Have the Manics got writers block!
  12. stands for FULL TIME RESERVE SERVICE basicly it meens you are temporarily transfered from the reserves to the regs usualy for 6 months and above but can be shorter
    the main difference bettween that and called up TA is that you have to request it
    and after serving six months it is possible to (apparently so dont quote me)
    so a straight transfer from the TA into the regs (depending on unit)
    dunno about the funural expences i whouldent be surprised if it were true tho
  13. Indeed, and what is really despicable is the body is not repatriated back to the UK until the replacement is in-situ! Outrageous!

  14. ftrs apparently means you lose certain priviliges as well, like storage expenses too
  15. I was going to call you a liar. Your spelling is far too good!

    Then I noticed your grammar.

    :p :)