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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by pendomus, Feb 1, 2007.

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  1. Anyone interested in FTRS or serving on FTRS may be interested to know that there may be an extension of FTRS use in the pipeline and that the APC will be getting more staff - hooray!

    My own experience of the application system left a lot to be desired, although RTMC was good and both postings have been great experiences, (so far) and I am having a great time. My experiences are not as bad as Cardinal and I would encourage anyone interested to go for it. PM me if you need any help.

    Does anyone else have any bad experiences of the admin they would like to record so we can encourage APC to get it right?


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  2. I ended up withdrawing my application. Too many delays the last of which was caused by an injury so cannot be attributed to the army.

    I have done FTRS before and when on the posting it was, as Pendomus said, brilliant. I would also say that in regard to this application some of the delays were caused by the AMS rather than FTRS desk in Glasgow and a little misinformation from RTMC.

    Any improvement in the FTRS system which will enable it to run more efficiently is good, since the concept of FTRS is very sound.

    No one should be put off by my comments, my first FTRS sucessful application went very well so too might yours. Try it and see how it goes, no doubt I will try again in the not too distant future.

  3. How does it work then?
    I've seen a potential FTRS role at a unit close to me but it's not my cap-badge.
    Is it still possible to apply if the cap-badges are different?
  4. If they have the post advertised as E2 or are willing to accept E2 then any cap badge can apply, its almost a generic post.

    There are always more than a few E2 posts advertised.

    If you know of a potential post talk to the unit and ask them to advertise it as an E2, I dont know if they have to consider all applicants though. I suspect they might no have to advertise the post just offer it to a likely candidate.