FTRS for the chop?


I hadn't heard that. Surely FTRS is in place for manning. If a unit is lacking in numbers it with advertise the post on the RAOL and get the space filled.

This might open a can of worms...but where's the 'logic' in scapping FTRS?
Agree entirely!

Have recently heard from a friend who is currently on FTRS that there is a rumour that it is to be wound up.

Im asking on their behalf in the hope that someone can shed light on this
JerseyTom said:
but where's the 'logic' in scapping FTRS?
While I agree with you, I am surprised that you expect any real 'logic' to be applied in allocating defence cuts.

I suspect the 'MOD logic' goes: recruiting is good, the Army is full and FTRS is an easy budget line to cut (none of these actually needs to be true, of course.) The fact that they are (or, at least, should be) employing people on FTRS for specific skills or to fill particular gaps that the regs cannot or will not fill will be lost on those who are merely looking at the number of beans to be counted.
JerseyTom said:
Really hope it doesn't get wound up...I start my 24 month posting with 32 Regt RA on 14th Sept!

Contract signed so hopefully I'll be safe.
Sincerely hope so!

Hoping, however, that someone can shed light on the subject, or whether it is simply rumour
Sorry mw...I'm not the man to shed light on the subject.

You're the first person I've heard this from.

Fingers crossed it's just Rumour Control playing Chinese whispers.
hi mate i am on ftrs now and i keep my ear close to the ground at all times ive not heard of any cut backs .if anything if youre in a trade with a shortage.why would they get shut off you after all we are a decent gap filler as the description asks for we know the job and not afraid to get stuck in .cheers
I dont think FTRS has been cut - as in gone for good - but there are certainly a lot less posts being offered - none last time I checked for my battalion.
Haha very good!! Like that :D :D

Just spoken to my friend who did just that - contract will be honoured, and hopefully, despite the cutbacks, there will be something else at the end too.

Thanks everyone for your comments - will post again if I hear anything more. Good luck with yours, Jersey Tom.
I heard FTRS posts in certain areas will be drastically cut, but in others (the obvious areas of growth) there will be if anything an expansion. Probably just re-jigging their priorities?
I also note that there is a work stream on the Review of Reserves paper on the Defence Intranet going to look specifically at FTRS, ADC etc., so who knows what will come out of that...

msr said:
EX_STAB said:
Quick Q on FTRS:

When mobilised, voluntarily or otherwise the TA soldier gets his civvy rate of pay.
Does this also apply with FTRS?
No, because you are not mobilised.
You get:

FTRS Full Commitment - The full rate that a Regular on your pay grade would get, including 13% X factor and most of the Regular Allowances. Pension etc. Only down-side is that you are as deployable as any Regular.

FTRS Home Commitment - Basic pay and Pension, no X factor, no travel. - ie less than your TA rate, where you get 5% x Factor and HTD. Non Deployable.

Either are better than ADC, which is a complete con. Basic pay and pension for 220 days a year, no travel - which means you are doing roughly the same number of hours at work as a full-time bod but only getting 220 days pay - and a reduced pension entitlement - while they get 365 days pay. ( 52 weeks, minus 6 weeks leave and public holidays = 220 working days ?)

All fantasy now anyway as all the above are fast moving into the realm of History.

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