FTRS Contract end/housing

Hi there,
my hubby is coming to the end of his FTRS contract (March) and we were lead to believe that we could claim extra time in the quarter, however now it appears that we can't, we're re-locating to Dubai and they will pay for our possessions to be sent to my parents (not a problem) and for flights to the UK, but we would like another 30days in the quarter to enable us to get ready to leave for Dubai.

Does anyone know if this is possible?? thanks in advance :) x
You have not mentioned what type of FTRS contract your hubby is on? The fact you have MQ would make me think he's on Full Commitment. I can't see why it's not possible to stay in your MQ for the extra 30 days but if i was you, i would bring this to the attention of his Unit Welfare office ASAP so they can plan ahead and hopefully assist you.

Someone else with more knowledge might have better answers but you may have to pay market rates for the 30 days you wish to remain.
hi there, yeh it is full commitment, Welfare have said they can't do anything, everyone i speak to says that the army can't "make" you homeless but noone will commit & fight our corner.....deep joy thanks though :)
Just dont move out. It will take them more than 30 days to ecvict you and worst case you will be charged the commercial rate for rent in the meantime.

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